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Ty Williams

Ty Williams
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Ty Williams Grabs 2nd Win of the Season at SaltCity Racing


URSS-United Rebel Sprint Series

Ty Williams Grabs 2nd Win of the Season at SaltCity Racing

Hutchinson, Kansas, 5/24/2024 (www.urssracing.com) - The United Rebel Sprint Series presented by RacinDirt.Com took the green flag for the 7th race of the 2024 season at SaltCity Racing in Hutchinson, Kansas Saturday night for Zenor Electric night at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. With 10 cars unloading in the pits, the field was set for racing action at the infamous half-mile track.

With Jon Freeman and Ty Williams set to lead the field to the green, Ty Williams would waste no time going into the first corner. Ty Williams took his #911 machine to the top side, and by the exit of turn one, Williams had assumed the lead. The drivers would start to jockey for position through the opening laps, as Taylor Velasquez made a move to the outside of Justin Chaffin’s #22 sprint car. With the laps winding down, everything was turning out to be a flag to flag race.

On lap 11 of the 20 scheduled, Ray Seamann in the #72 went into turn one nearly at 100 mph when the left wing panel ripped off the top wing, bringing out the caution. With the field stacked back up, it was up to Ty Williams to fend off a hungry field with 9 laps to go. The green flag came back out, and so did the speed in the #911. Another brilliant restart by Ty Williams gave him a 2.5 second lead over Jon Freeman. Laps winded down and no other driver had enough time or speed to catch Ty Williams. “You know I have been to Hutchinson alot and this turned out to be the best racing surface I've seen.” “I knew it was going to be a race into turn one, if I could beat Jon Freeman into the corner, I knew we would be in good shape,” said Williams.

Ty Willaims, now a 30-time winner with the United Rebel Sprint Series, grabbed his first win at the half-mile since 2010 when Williams won twice that year. Ty Williams, now grabbing his second win of the season, definitely has thrown a wrench into the 2024 championship standings. The next race for the URSS will be on June 21st at Honor Speedway and June 22nd at El Paso County Raceway for a two-night Colorado weekend.

A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:13:51.281

  1. 911-Ty Williams[2]; 2. 81-Jon Freeman[1]; 3. 21X-Taylor Velasquez[3]; 4. 20-Jeremy Huish[6]; 5. 22-Justin Chaffin[4]; 6. 97-Brian Herbert[8]; 7. 0-Steven Richardson[7]; 8. 21K-TJ Kleyman[9]; 9. (DNF) 72-Ray Seemann[5]; 10. (DNF) 8X-Charlee Chaffin[10]

URSS Winners at SaltCity Racing (Hutchinson):
Ty Willaims - 5/24/2024
Taylor Velasquez - 4/26/2024
Tyler Knight - 7/4/2023
Taylor Velasquez - 7/17/2020
Mike Woodruff - 6/10/2011
Ty Williams - 8/16//2010
Ty Williams - 7/9/2010
Tanner Mullins - 6/14/2010
C.J Johnson - 8/7/2009
Darren Bowman - 7/3/2009
Darren Bowman - 6/5/2009

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About the series
The URSS has been driven by fair, fun, and competitive racing since its establishment in 2006. Excitement for family and friends from all across the Midwest. The United Rebel Sprint Car Series continues to expand and is always looking to bring in new opportunities. For more inclusive coverage, follow us on Facebook or MyRacePass.

Article Credit: Dalton Janousek

Submitted By: Kyler Fetters

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