Bryan Guice
Bryan Guice

Bryan Guice
Sibley, LA

Whitehead becomes 3x King of the Hill, Day conquers the Billy Melton Memorial, and Guice leads the FWDs.


Boothill Speedway

Whitehead becomes 3x King of the Hill, Day conquers the Billy Melton Memorial, and Guice leads the FWDs.

GREENWOOD, La. (July 31, 2022) - Joshua Bell
With Summer Storms interrupting Saturday nights action before it could even begin; The 8th Annual King of the Hill, along with the 2nd Annual Billy Melton Memorial, was officially brought to its end on Sunday night! Race fans from all over the south filed into the Boothill Speedway for the rescheduled Sunday evening race that would end with a former King of the Hill reclaiming the top prize! The night started out with 4 C Mains for the Granger Equipment Factory Stocks that would take 8 drivers into the 2 subsequent B Mains. From there, 16 drivers advanced into the King of the Hill starting field behind the 8 drivers who were already locked in after Friday’s preliminary action. The Top 8 Qualifiers ran a redrawn pole dash and the starting field for the big dance was set.

The $5,087 to win 2nd Annual Billy Melton Memorial for the LED 4 Life Limited Modifieds was an interesting race to say the least. Chris Henigan was the early race leader, out front for more than 20 laps before a problem sidelined him. Tracy Denby, Jr. became the new point man, and not long after, TDJ was broken as well. Justin Whitehead was promoted to the race lead before his hot rod slammed into the wall after also experiencing issues. Rowdy Day, of Greenville, Texas was then moved to the top of the pack and never looked back, even while badly overheating, enroute to the A Main win! The 24-car field was eventually dwindled down to a mind-blowing 3 cars while spectators wondered if anybody would be able to cross the finish line. In the end, Connor Mewborn and David Edwards were the only other drivers able to outlast the conditions for the 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

The FWD 4-Cylinders also competed as part of the Advanced Powder Coating Weekly Racing Series. Bryan Guice, of Sibley, was the Feature winner due to a valiant effort on the final restart with 3 laps to go. Guice got the jump on youngster Hunter Armstrong and never looked back, taking the win and parking in ABC Auto Parts Victory Lane. Armstrong finished 2nd ahead of Jack DuPont. Conner Cook and Luke DuPont finished off the Top 5.

Finally, the $10,000 8th Annual King of the Hill for Granger Equipment Factory Stocks took to the speedway. Lead changes were non-existent as Justin Whitehead, of Texarkana, Texas claimed his 3rd crown leading every lap, virtually unchallenged. Number 36J continues his momentum into big race season, winning both of the crown jewel Factory Stock events he has entered. ” King Justin the 8th” put together a dream weekend with solid runs, minimal damage and part failures, and a little bit of fortune at the draw-in station. Mark Underwood, Jr. wheeled Lew Lyles’ 125 machine to a runner-up position, finishing off a great weekend while Cody Myers backed up his Mike Parker Memorial win with a podium finish in the biggest crown jewel event. CJ Howell and Sonny Schoffen remained consistent and were both able to put together very solid finishes to round off the Top 5.

Boothill Speedway thanks all of the spectacular fans who showed up and showed out all week long! The Hill will be racing again on August 20th for the Advanced Powder Coating Weekly Racing Series!

7/31/2022 Results

Granger Equipment Factory Stocks

A Feature 50 Laps | King of The Hill

  1. 36J-Justin Whitehead[1]; 2. 125-Mark Underwood Jr[11]; 3. 55M-Cody Myers[5]; 4. 3-CJ Howell[15]; 5. 75-Sonny Schoffen[21]; 6. 741-Cameron Starry[19]; 7. 25R-Nathan Rachui[23]; 8. 23C-Jt Garland[6]; 9. 10X-Jason Ingalls[8]; 10. 56-Craig Pursley[4]; 11. 18H-TJ Evans[10]; 12. 149-Stephan Danielsen[25]; 13. 54R-Brett McMillin[13]; 14. B21-Bubba Jones[3]; 15. 3G-Donald Cain[14]; 16. 20-Neil Kemp[17]; 17. 32L-Luke Wheat[24]; 18. 34P-Peyton Daugherty[22]; 19. B1-Kyle Cummings[2]; 20. 81-Ricky Ingalls[12]; 21. 00T-Richard Tubbs[18]; 22. 34JR-Josh Daugherty[20]; 23. 00H-Scott Hushelpeck[16]; 24. 14F-Taylor Frost[7]; 25. 27F-Dalton Faulkner[9]

B Feature 1 15 Laps

  1. 27F-Dalton Faulkner[2]; 2. 125-Mark Underwood Jr[4]; 3. 54R-Brett McMillin[6]; 4. 3-CJ Howell[8]; 5. 20-Neil Kemp[3]; 6. 741-Cameron Starry[5]; 7. 75-Sonny Schoffen[12]; 8. 25R-Nathan Rachui[18]; 9. 12L-Cody Leonard[21]; 10. 66G-Drayton Graham[20]; 11. 1X-Blayne Nolen[24]; 12. 7L-Dewayne Rains[23]; 13. R12-Ryan Powers[17]; 14. BD3-Ray Allen Kulhanek[10]; 15. 88M-Joshua Martin[15]; 16. 7C-Chris Burrows[1]; 17. L1-Ben Leedy[7]; 18. 12-Bo Perry[13]; 19. 20D-Rodney Howell[14]; 20. C16-Chris Henigan[9]; 21. 9T-Rodney Twardeski[22]; 22. 1S-Jamie Shirley[16]; 23. (DNS) 10D-Nate Dixon; 24. (DNS) 27-Josh Greenwalt

B Feature 2 15 Laps

  1. 18H-TJ Evans[4]; 2. 81-Ricky Ingalls[1]; 3. 3G-Donald Cain[10]; 4. 00H-Scott Hushelpeck[16]; 5. 00T-Richard Tubbs[3]; 6. 34JR-Josh Daugherty[7]; 7. 34P-Peyton Daugherty[11]; 8. 32L-Luke Wheat[23]; 9. 23J-Daniel Jones[6]; 10. C45-Ricky Burk[22]; 11. 4V-Doug Vick Jr[24]; 12. 81H-Jeff Hauser[21]; 13. 15X-Dakoda Wyatt[13]; 14. 99-Tyler Moore[12]; 15. 5-Frank Canizoro[15]; 16. 25-Derick Grigsby[2]; 17. 77D-Tyler Dubois[19]; 18. 9S-John Parker Jr[5]; 19. 55-Dalton Dubois[9]; 20. 17-Derek Miller[18]; 21. 28-Collin Hodges[20]; 22. 113-Justin McClelland[17]; 23. (DNS) 99X-Dustin Durham; 24. (DNS) 00-David Vosbury

C Feature 1 10 Laps

  1. 12L-Cody Leonard[1]; 2. 7L-Dewayne Rains[2]; 3. 38-Mike Wells[4]; 4. 35S-JT Turner[5]; 5. 75X-Chad Ince[3]; 6. 85-Chris White[7]; 7. 35M-TJ McCarty[8]

C Feature 2 10 Laps

  1. 9T-Rodney Twardeski[5]; 2. 1X-Blayne Nolen[6]; 3. 10K-Michael Shurtleff[1]; 4. 82-Bryan Grosjean[7]; 5. 07R-Thad Royle[4]; 6. 53F-Eric Franklin[3]; 7. 1-Stoney Dubois[2]

C Feature 3 10 Laps

  1. 81H-Jeff Hauser[6]; 2. 32L-Luke Wheat[1]; 3. 45-Domanike Flores[3]; 4. 88-Jesse Meazell[5]; 5. 4J-Randy Wheeler[7]; 6. 13-Jeff Hammitt[2]; 7. 990-Taten Perkins[4]

C Feature 4 10 Laps

  1. C45-Ricky Burk[1]; 2. 4V-Doug Vick Jr[4]; 3. 38DD-Rodney White[5]; 4. 53-Hayden Brown[2]; 5. 77-Mikel Wingate[3]; 6. 27T-Curtis Twardeski[7]; 7. 149-Stephan Danielsen[6]

LED4 Life Limited Modifieds 38 Entries

A Feature 50 Laps | Billy Melton Memorial

  1. 20D-Rowdy Day[3]; 2. 36C-Connor Mewborn[9]; 3. 3D-David Edwards[12]; 4. C12-Chris Hall[18]; 5. 25-Josh Baucom[23]; 6. 23JR-Coty Tupper[21]; 7. 32-Justin Whitehead[6]; 8. A17-Austin Storm[20]; 9. 15-Tracy Denby Jr[1]; 10. 12-Jason Ingalls[16]; 11. 36-Colby Mewborn[10]; 12. 3-Gene Boyter[25]; 13. 69-Derick Grigsby[8]; 14. 22-Chris Henigan[2]; 15. F5-Skeet Amason[4]; 16. 81-Ricky Ingalls[7]; 17. 18J-Jake Huckaby[24]; 18. 92-Andrew Rossum[15]; 19. 00H-JD Ammons[13]; 20. 00M-BJ Moore[14]; 21. K9-Mark Underwood Jr[22]; 22. 47CC-Conner Williams[11]; 23. K1-Stephen Guidry[5]; 24. 55-Ricky Burk[17]; 25. (DNS) 12B-Bailey Dosser

Non-Qualifer Feature 15 Laps

  1. 3-Gene Boyter[1]; 2. 18J-Jake Huckaby[2]; 3. 88-Dustin Taylor[7]; 4. 23T-Cliff Tupper[8]; 5. 12P-Jacob Mouser[12]; 6. 84XX-Jason Langford Jr[3]; 7. 115-Tracy Denby Sr[6]

FWDs 12 Entries

A Feature 1 12 Laps

  1. 10G-Bryan Guice[2]; 2. 25-Hunter Armstrong[1]; 3. 06-Jack Dupont[3]; 4. 22-Conner Cook[4]; 5. 05-Luke Dupont[5]; 6. 0-Steve McEachern[6]; 7. 71K-HUNTER HOLLIS[7]; 8. 46-Jackson Gallagher[8]; 9. K1-Kobe Kulp[10]; 10. (DNS) 00H-John Harris; 11. (DNS) 1-James Mixon; 12. (DNS) 3D-Chris Scott

Heat 1 8 Laps

  1. 25-Hunter Armstrong[1]; 2. 06-Jack Dupont[2]; 3. 05-Luke Dupont[4]; 4. 71K-HUNTER HOLLIS[3]; 5. (DNS) 1-James Mixon; 6. (DNS) 00H-John Harris
    Heat 2 8 Laps

  2. 10G-Bryan Guice[2]; 2. 22-Conner Cook[5]; 3. 0-Steve McEachern[1]; 4. 46-Jackson Gallagher[3]; 5. K1-Kobe Kulp[6]; 6. 3D-Chris Scott[4]

Article Credit: Joshua Bell

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