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Jared Goerges
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The New Richmond Nightmare Sweeps the Weekend


Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series

The New Richmond Nightmare Sweeps the Weekend

The Pirtek UMSS Would see 22 winged sprint cars on both nights of the Sprint Car Challenge. The affordability of this class has us watching a wide range of drivers from the young guns Carlson and Berger to the more seasoned drivers in Hanson and Kerzman. The result has been some phenomenal racing where any team in this class can win at any time.

Patrick Heikkinen, Jeremy Kerzman and Chase Viebrock would win the heat races on Friday night. After the redraw Viebrock would start on the pole and take the top spot at the start. Viebrock would stay up on the cushion at the wall with 22 of Mueller and the 19B of Berger giving chase. Berger would get by Mueller and challenge Viebrock for the lead but it was the New Richmond Nightmare who would take the checkers.

Harry Hanson, Jeremy Kerzman and Kevin Lear would win the heat races on Saturday night. The feature would see Lear and Carlson lead the field to green with the 07 of Carlson leading at lap 1. Unfortunately the 07 would take a tumble getting into turns 3 and 4 giving Lear the lead with 24 laps to go. A caution allowed the the 50 of Chase to gain the lead off the restart and hold on for the rest of the feature for the win.

Heat 1: Heikkinen, Mueller, Buck, Ogston, Steahl, Palm, Vaillancourt, Johnson
Heat 2: Kerzman, Hanson, Braford, Becker, McVitty, Lear, Kirchner
Heat 3: Viebrock, Carlson, Berger, Stordahl, Vogel, Niemi, Becker (DNS)

Feature: Viebrock, Berger, Mueller, Lear, Stordahl, Ogston, Palm, Kerzman, D. Becker, Buck, Steahl, McVitty, K. Becker, Braford (DNF), Heikkinen(DNF), Hanson (DNF), Carlson (DNF), Niemi (DNF), Johnson (DNF) and Kirchner (DNS)

Heat 1: Hanson, Carlson, Viebrock, McVitty, Buck, Heikkinen, Vogel, Niemi
Heat 2. Kerzman, D. Becker, Stordahl, K. Becker, Kirchner, Kobs, Johnson (DNS)
Heat 3: Lear, Steahl, Braford, Berger, Mueller, Palm, Vaillancourt

Feature: Viebrock, Kobs, Hanson, Kerzman, Mueller, Lear, Heikkinen, Johnson, Niemi, Stordahl, Braford, Buck, Palm, Steahl, McVitty, Vogel, Kirchner, Vaillencourt, K. Becker, D. Becker, Berger (DNF) Carlson (DNF)

Next up for the Pirtek UMSS is September 11 at Cedar Lake Speedway.

Article Credit: Kris Peterson

Submitted By: Kris Peterson

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