Jacob Sabaj
Jacob Sabaj

Jacob Sabaj
Cournna, MI



Great Lakes Lightning Sprints


Crystal, MI (Saturday, July 29, 2023) - The Great Lakes Lightning Sprints presented by United Engine and Machine (GLLS) had their much awaited race after two weeks off at Crystal Motor Speedway, leaving the audience with a night to remember! The stands were packed with an incredible turnout, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the drivers, fans, sponsors, and dedicated staff members whose support and enthusiasm made this event an overwhelming success.

In the redraw, Justin Ward (Benzonia, MI) found himself in slot number 5, not the luckiest position. However, it was a showcase of his skill as he maintained an impressive pace throughout the Feature Race, ultimately securing his second Feature Race win of the season!

During the heats, Noah Wilfong (Wayland, MI) claimed victory in the Beacon and Bridge Market Heat Race 1. Arlie Cooper Jr. (Bear Lake, MI) dominated the Chaney Creek Construction Heat Race 2, and Jacob Sabaj (Cournna, MI) emerged victorious in Heat Race 3 presented by Double W Oilfield Services.

The action-packed racing continues with the Great Lakes Lightning Sprints (GLLS) gearing up for their next races! Mark your calendars for the thrilling races at Tri-City Speedway on August 4th, followed by an epic showdown at Mt. Pleasant Speedway on August 11th. Be sure not to miss out on the high-speed excitement and adrenaline-fueled thrills!

Thank you to our sponsors who are the ones that allow us to a great show to your local tracks. Please help us by supporting the sponsors listed below….

United Engine Machine
Beacon & Bridge Market
Chaney Creek Construction
Double W Oilfield Sales & Service
Hoosier Race Tires
Specialty Fuels & Logistics

Media Results for 7/29/2023 at Crystal Motor Speedway - Crystal, MI
Lightning Sprints 21 Entries

A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:17:24.127 | United Engine & Machine

  1. 8-Justin Ward[5]; 2. 7-Jay Steinebach[8]; 3. 55-Matt Cogley[1]; 4. 16-Noah Wilfong[4]; 5. 38-Mack Erickson[11]; 6. 84-Bill Dunham[6]; 7. 48-Jake Erickson[17]; 8. 40C-Chad Colley[7]; 9. 29-Arlie Cooper Jr[2]; 10. 101-Chuck Erickson[10]; 11. 18-Lindsey Erickson[20]; 12. 28-Bella Erickson[18]; 13. 76-Dalton Pipgras[12]; 14. 25-Paul King[13]; 15. 45-Bobby Miller[16]; 16. 116-Kevin King[19]; 17. 19-Avery Neal[15]; 18. (DNF) 21-Jacob Sabaj[3]; 19. (DNF) 54-Bud Schrader[14]; 20. (DNS) 273-Jerry Napeir; 21. (DNS) 34M-Sherman Napeir

Heat 1 8 Laps | Beacon and Bridge

  1. 16-Noah Wilfong[2]; 2. 84-Bill Dunham[7]; 3. 40C-Chad Colley[1]; 4. 101-Chuck Erickson[3]; 5. 25-Paul King[4]; 6. 45-Bobby Miller[6]; 7. 116-Kevin King[5]

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:00:56.867 | Chaney Creek Construction

  1. 29-Arlie Cooper Jr[2]; 2. 8-Justin Ward[6]; 3. 7-Jay Steinebach[5]; 4. 38-Mack Erickson[4]; 5. 54-Bud Schrader[7]; 6. (DNF) 48-Jake Erickson[1]; 7. (DNF) 18-Lindsey Erickson[3]

Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:08:37.896 | Double W Oilfield Service

  1. 21-Jacob Sabaj[4]; 2. 55-Matt Cogley[5]; 3. 273-Jerry Napeir[1]; 4. 76-Dalton Pipgras[6]; 5. 19-Avery Neal[2]; 6. 28-Bella Erickson[3]; 7. (DNF) 34M-Sherman Napeir[7]

Article Credit: Brooke K. Pulice

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