Tasker Phillips
Tasker Phillips

Tasker Phillips
Plesantville, IA

Driver Information

Number: 7TAZ
Hometown: Pleasantville, IA
Car Owner: Kyle and Susan Phillips
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Ostrich
Twitter: @Tasker7TAZ
Sponsors: K&SP Farms, Pleasantville Auto, High Altitude Wrestling, Slideways Karting Center

Bio: One of the exciting up and coming racers at Knoxville, Tasker began his racing career in Bruce Clark’s 305 sprint car. Due to his age, he ran the 305 at surrounding tracks until he turned sixteen. He had 4 wins under his belt before he started racing at Knoxville. He then began racing in the 305 and 360 divisions in his family sponsored race car. He has added another five wins in the 305’s at the Knoxville track.

After running both the 360 and 305 classes in 2011, Tasker moved up to the 410 ranks in 2012. He improved to 12th in points in 2013, earning the “Lyle Boyd Hard-charger Award” for passing the most cars in feature races. If you want excitement, keep your eye on the #7TAZ!


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