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Brett Bieber Claims Tour Gold in Exciting Hamlin Speedway Racing Action
By: Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

The continuous rain that has ruled the summer at many of the area speedways let up on Saturday as the beautiful warm summer weather of the Pocono Mountains was the perfect backdrop for an evening of speed presented by Hamlin Speedway Promoters Randy and Denise Smith. With seven feature events scheduled, the evening ran off in fine fashion. Randy Smith, in working with the elements, was forced to bring the grader out on the speedway to smooth out the racing surface to give all drivers an equal playing field. Once accomplished, the large crowd on hand was overly appreciative with the 10:40 completion time. More than one hundred talented race car drivers came to Hamlin on Saturday to ply their trade and when the final curtain came down it would be some familiar names at the speedway rising to the top of the heap in Victory Circle.

"The Oley Jet" Brett Bieber earned a wire to wire triumph when he captured the MA Gold Tour event in the All-Star Slingshot finale. Jeff Haduck raced to his first ever Hamlin Speedway win when he claimed the Super Slinger feature event. Pat VanVarick recently returned to the speedway aboard new some new racing equipment and he added a Hampton RV And Trailer Sales Stage One Modified win to his racing resume. "The Rockaway Rocket" Danny Buccafusca inherited the lead when the leader "The Little Ice Man" Jacob Balliet had the steering break on his car and it sent him into a series of flips. Balliet was unhurt in the scary incident. Buccafusca then outdistanced a solid field of driving stars to capture his second win of the season in the 600 Sprint main and gave himself a great birthday present. "Deuce" Glenn Macomber scored his fourth win of the season in the Wingless 270 Sprint main. A time shortened Junior slingshot finale found "The Cold Spring Kid" Jake Mason securing his first ever Hamlin Speedway victory. "The Big Show" Joey Amantea executed a wire to wire run to capture his fourth win in the JPA Masonry Rookie 600 Sprint excursion.

Pat VanVarick hustled into the lead by turn one of the Hampton RV & Trailer Sales Stage One Modified event. VanVarick had the hot ticket as he clicked off some 13.2 second laps as he stretched his lead at will over the field. A caution or two slowed the pace but the event belonged to VanVarick as he nailed down his first win of the year. Anthony Recchio came in for runner-up honors with Cole Stangle third, Joel Smith fourth and Bill Dianella rounding out the top five. Mike Samony headed up the second five with Jasper Ziegafuse, Cody Motto, Joel Price, John Mirabelli and Evan Civick following to complete the field.

The wingless warriors of the 270 Sprint division moved onto the speedway for their feature attraction. Alex Reinsmith took off at the drop of the green flag and would lead through the first seven laps until Glenn Macomber was able to power past him. Once in front, Macomber raced away from the field to score his fourth win of the season. Reinsmith, Kyle Ferrucci and Jason Muldowny completed the field.

The "stars of tomorrow" Junior Slingshot division feature attraction was another great show as the rising young racers of racing continuously thrill the crowd. 23 cars started the twenty-lap excursion and pole sitting James Hendricks gunned his hot rod into the lead as he cleared everyone in turn one. Hendricks would lead three laps and then Jake Mason took over. Mason was up to the challenge as he stepped away from the field but a caution brought the field back together. On the restart Mason had company as first time competitor Aidan Elliot was breathing down his tailpipe. Elliot put up a great fight but late in the race he fell to the hard charging Shelby McLaughlin as she made a great recovery after being involved in an early skirmish. Mason would go on to score his first ever win at Hamlin with the race being called official after 16 laps. Shelby McLaughlin was the runner-up with Aidan Elliot third, Mikey Johannes fourth and Joey Kalafut fifth. The second five was headed up by Austin Homan with RJ Sherman, Evan VanValkenburg, Abby Yates and James Benz completing the top ten.

The JPA Masonry Rookie 600 Sprint main event found Joey Amantea blasting into the lead and Amantea quickly tried to make it a runaway as he found his pace and clicked off consistent 12.4 second laps. Amantea was in command throughout and would race to his fourth win of the season. Ryan Lacoe was steady in a runner-up role. Tony Parlanti, Jake Roberts and Paul Richards Jr completed the top five. The second five found Dakota Bartlet, Noah Zielinski, Macy Litchauer, Cody Powell and Tyler Lindsey following.

The Super Slinger feature proved once again to be very exciting and entertaining as Jeff Haduck blasted into the lead at the drop of the green flag. Wes Hearn took up the chase and pressured Haduck for the remainder of the race but it would be Haduck claiming his first ever win at the speedway in a wire to wire triumph. Hearn was the runner-up with Mike Taylor, Dale Kober, Greg Zellman, Jim Conroy and Derek Desilva completing the field.

The headliner for the All-Star Slingshots found the best Slingshot drivers in the country duking it out on the Hamlin Speedway real estate in the MA Gold Tour 30-lap event. The early going found Brett Bieber securing command of the event in turn one and although some cautions slowed the pace it would be Bieber stepping away from the field after each caution. Bieber was very steady with his times as well as he was clicking off 14 second laps to remain out front. Bieber would score the big win with Austin Silfee securing runner-up honors, Taylor Mills third, Tyler Peet fourth and Cody Kline hustling to complete the top five. The second five was headed up by Jared Silfee, with Tanner VanDoren, Nick Vinciguerra, invader Kyle Smith and Cole Stangle. Eleventh through fifteenth included Russell Benke, Wes Hearn, Troy Langerdoerfer, Mike McLaughlin and Josh Marcus. Twenty-one cars completed all thirty laps.

Danny Buccafusca seized command at the start of the 600 Sprint main headliner and led for one lap until Jacob Balliet scooted underneath him to take command of the race. Balliet was in the zone and began walking away from the field until he exited turn four as lap eight was being scored and his steering shaft broke and sent the young driving talent into a hair-raising series of flips. Balliet climbed out under his own power and was unhurt. The ironic twist of the deal was the fact it was the exact same location of the accident from one week ago.

On the restart with Buccafusca inheriting the lead, the birthday boy left nothing to chance and cranked out some 12.355 laps to go on to win his second event of the season at Hamlin. Damon Paul was second with Joel Smith, Chad Sandt and Colin White nailing top five finishes. Mick D'Agostino headed up the second five with JD Casazza, Mack Brink, Joseph Smith and Geordan Marrero completing the top ten.


The seven-feature evening with time trials and heat events offered a ton of racing for the economically low admission price. Each event cost the fans $1.43 per feature to witness some great short track racing.

A dual series of heats were run for the All-Star Slingshots for the tour event. Capturing heat wins in round one included Austin Silfee, Jared Silfee, Josh Marcus and Tess Horvath. Round two found Cody Kline, Tanner VanDoren, Tyler Peet and Dale Kober securing the wins. Junior Slingshot heats were claimed by Kyle Swart, Aidan Elliot and Kasey Hufcut. Stage One Modified heats went to Anthony Recchio and Pat VanVarick. Rookie Wingless 600 Sprint heats went to Dakota Bartlet and Paul Richards Jr. Glenn Macomber captured the lone heat for the Wingless 270 Sprints.

Wingless 600 Sprints were on the clock for time trials and Joel Smith had the fast time with as 12.437 posting over Chad Sandt's 12.497 time. The Super Slingers were also on the clock and Jeff Haduck's 14.220 topped the field.

Many new names added to the Hamlin roster list last evening in the Super Slingers as "The Sunshine Gypsy" Charlie Bodine arrived from Florida and was steering the Cory Zielinski mount. Derek Desilva made his second appearance of the season. John Lakatos made his first Stage One Modified appearance of the season. Jason Muldowny returned to action in the 270 Sprints. Many new faces joined the Junior Slingshot ranks with Aidan Elliott, Makayla Kohler making their first visits and RJ Sherman, Evan VanValkenburg, Jack VanVarick, Gavin McClure, Kyle Swart and Kasey Hufcut returning to action. Ryan Stangle was a new addition to the Rookie 600 Sprints. Kyle Smith, Mike Lapicki and RJ Smykla were on hand for the MA Gold Tour event but it was disappointing not to see the outside invaders from the All-Star Slingshot ranks following the tour.

Announcer Steve Pados interviewed Justin Mills who was back on the speedway grounds but not in action. Mills thanked the everyone who assisted in helping him out last week at the speedway. Mills said the car was destroyed in the crash and for the most part his 2017 racing season is over. Later Pados was able to interview Jacob Balliet, who had such a great run going only to have the tide roll against him for the second week in a row. Balliet said there is much damage to the car but if they can make repairs he will be back to compete next week.

Birthday wishes go out to Danny Buccafusca (18) and to Tommy Stillo (12)
Stillo gave his fellow drivers a treat as ice cream sandwiches were provided in honor of his birthday.

Former Hamlin racer Dale Reed and his wife were on hand for the racing action. While Dale said he misses the racing, he doesn't miss the amount of time spent working on the race car.

Good friend Jim Fry was on hand for the second week in a row. From the looks of things he seemed to be enjoying the racing action too.


All Star Slingshots: (MA Gold Tour) Brett Bieber, Austin Silfee, Taylor Mills, Tyler Peet, Cody Kline, Jared Silfee, Tanner VanDoren, Nick Vinciguerra, Kyle Smith, Cole Stangle, Russell Benke, Wes Hearn, Troy Langendoerfer, Mike McLaughlin, Josh Marcus, Dillon Emmons, Ashley Kober, Mike Lapicki, Amanda Buchel, Emily Fleming, Samantha Muller, CJ Fritz, Greg Zellman, Tess Horvath, Mike Taylor, Dale Kober

Wingless 270cc Sprints: Glenn Macomber, Alex Reinsmith, Kyle Ferrucci, Jason Muldowny

Wingless 600cc Sprints: Danny Buccafusca, Damon Paul, Joel Smith, Chad Sandt, Colin White, Mick D'Agostino, JD Casazza, Mack Brink, Joseph Smith, Geordan Marrero, Cody Smith, Jake Roberts, Jared Lilly, Jacob Balliet

Hampton RV And Trailer Stage One Modifieds: Pat VanVarick, Anthony Recchio, Cole Stangle, Joel Smith, Bill Dianella, Michael Samony, Jasper Ziegafuse, Cody Motto, Joel Price, John Mirabelli, Evan Civick, John Lakatos, John Bachetti (DNS)

Junior Slingshots: Jake Mason, Shelby McLaughlin, Aidan Elliot, Mikey Johannes, Joey Kalafut, Austin Homan, RJ Sherman, Evan VanValkenburg, Abby Yates, James Benz, Jack VanVarick, James Hendricks, Tommy Stillo, Makayla Kohler, Rachel Dickinson, Gavin McClure, JJ Rice, Adam Buchel, Tyler Banks, John Kendall, Kasey Hufcut, Kyle Swart (DQ)

Super Slingshots: Jeff Haduck, Wes Hearn, Mike Taylor, Dale Kober, Greg Zellman, Jim Conroy, Derek Desilva, Charlie Bodine

JPA Masonry Rookie 600cc Wingless Sprints: Joey Amantea, Ryan Lacoe, Tony Parlanti, Jake Roberts, Paul Richards Jr, Dakota Bartlet, Noah Zielinski, Macy Litchauer, Cody Powell, Tyler Lindsey, JR Williams, Zack Weisenfluh, Ryan Stangle Carmen Leggio Sr

Racing every Saturday evening from April through September. The next event on the Hamlin Speedway schedule is set for July 22nd when all Divisions will be in action.

Coming up at the speedway will be the second edition of the NASCAR Crew Challenge on July 29th with all regular divisions in action.

Make sure to check the Hamlin Speedway website or Facebook page for any additional information. Pit Gates open at the speedway at 3 PM; Drivers Meeting at 5:45; Hot Laps are at 6:00 and the racing begins at 7 PM sharp. Admission Prices for regular shows are: Adults $10.00; Senior Citizens $5.00 Children under 6 are Free.

Please support the many great sponsors who assist in working and sponsoring the season long events at the speedway. Tilcon, Ron Brown Hauling, JPA Masonry,, S&S Speedways and Yankowski Enterprises are all part of the advertising family at the speedway and we graciously thank them for their support.

Hamlin Speedway is seeking additional marketing sponsors to join the speedway team for the 2017 racing season. For more information, contact Steve Pados at: 484-784-7756 or through email at: or Denise Smith at S&S Speedways at: 570-420-5500 or at: or on facebook at: or or facebook at:

For photos of the great racing action at Hamlin, please contact Tim Krysiuk at:

Visit us often for a great night of racing action as.........................

The Hamlin Speedway Is The "Pearl" Of the Poconos

Article Credit: Steve Pados

Submitted By: Denise Smith

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