1/8/2022 - Cowan Civic Center
1/8/2022 - Cowan Civic Center

Cowan Civic Center


Lowe Boats I-44 Winter Shootout Saturday Night

Night Two for Flat Karts with Pro Predator racing for a Lowe Boat! Full Show for all flat kart classes!


  • Junior 1 Clone Heavy10 entries
  • Junior 2 Clone Heavy8 entries
  • Box Stock Predator Light9 entries
  • Wheelman Showdown7 entries
  • Junior 1 Clone Light13 entries
  • Junior 2 Clone Light8 entries
  • Stock Appearing10 entries
  • Box Stock Pred. Heavy (400)10 entries
  • Rookie Flat Kart6 entries
  • Junior 2 Predator3 entries
  • Pro Clone16 entries
  • Pro Predator9 entries
  • Open Class14 entries
  • Junior 1 Predator4 entries
  • AJC CLONE 36015 entries
  • Clone Light14 entries
  • Clone Super Heavy9 entries


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