MRP Profiles / Frequently Asked Questions

MRP Profiles

Do other plans come with an app subscription?

Yes! If you are on an Essential, Plus, Platinum or Partner subscription plan, you will receive one free MRP Insider account. This allows your fans to see your driver bio and schedule in the MyRacePass app for free. See MyRacePass Driver Profile subscription options.

Can I update my profile directly on the MyRacePass app?

Yes! After you claim your profile for free at, log into the MyRacePass app with the same login credentials, search for your name, scroll to the bottom of the profile page and select "Update Profile". Be sure to click the star next to your name on your profile and your MRP profile is now in your favorites list for easy access.

Is it free to update my driver bio and photo?

Yes! Updating your bio is free! Fans will need to have an MRP Live subscription to view your bio or an MRP Insider Subscription to view your bio and schedule. If you have an MRP Essential plan, your fans can see your profile for free!

Can anyone update my bio for me?

When you add a person as an admin to your MyRacePass account, they will have access to update your bio for you. See how to add an admin to your account.

What type of mobile devices can I update my bio on?

You can download the MyRacePass app and update your bio on an iPhone/iPad or Droid/Tablet device. Search for MyRacePass in the apple app store or on the Google Play Store.

Can I add and manage my race schedule on the MyRacePass app?

You'll need to log into on your desktop or laptop computer to add and manage your race schedule. Once you have it updated, it will appear on the MyRacePass app for your fans to see. See our video on how to add your race schedule.

I already subscribed to MRP Live. Can I upgrade to MRP Insider or any Pro Plan later?

Absolutely! You are able to upgrade your subscription at any time.

Does MRP Insider come with Live Timing?

Yes! You will be able to view live lap times for tracks that use transponders when you purchase an MRP Insider subscription.