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MRP Race Management

MRP Race Management

Do I need to use transponders at my track?

No. While transponders are certainly welcomed, you can use MyRacePass without them.

How much Internet speed do I need for MyRacePass to work?

Not much. We've tested and run races on 1 Megabyte Download speeds.

Can I use multiple computers at the same time?

Yes! Because this is based over the cloud, you can have multiple administrators working on the race.

Does MyRacePass do 1099's?

We offer a variety of reports to plug into existing 1099 software. View which programs you can use to easily handle your 1099's.

Can I score from my couch at home?

Believe it or not, yes there have been scorers who use MyRacePass from their couch when the kids were sick.

What support options are available for MRP Race Management?

MyRacePass offers a multitude of support options including live training, webinars, video tutorials on the MyRacePass YouTube channel as well as a complete knowledge base and a Facebook Support Group.

Our MRP Client Success Team knows the system better than anyone. Just give us a call!

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The MyRacePass Network

Will all of my information on my MRP Dashboard be shared to the MRP Network?

The largest benefit to using MyRacePass Race Management is the MRP Network. Fans and Drivers want to follow along as easily as possible. Remember when you are adding content to either your Race Management system or your MRP Promoter Website, content will be shared across the entire MRP Network where applicable.

Does MyRacePass share private information of my track or series across the network?

No. The addresses of your drivers and teams, earnings, and non-public track/series reports are not shared across the MRP Network.

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Check Printing

What types of checks are supported?

You can find all types of checks we support here.

Does MyRacePass have exports for Quickbooks?

We do! Currently you can export to the desktop version of quickbooks.

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MRP Live

What transponder systems does MRP Live work with?

Currently MyRacePass integrates with Westhold and MyLaps transponder systems.

Does MRP Live need to be on the same computer I'm using for transponders?

Not necessarily. While it does work better on one computer as long as you can connect to the transponder computer, you should be set.

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Barcode Scanner

What scanner do you recommend?

Any scanner that can connect to a computer should work. We recommend one that can scan phones. An example recommended scanner can be found here.

How can drivers get their card on their phone?

Drivers who claim their FREE MRP Driver Profiles are able to get their MRP Card on their phone in the MyRacePass app.

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