Birch Run Speedway

Meet Joan Jet! - Birch Run Speedway's Track Cleanup Turbine

Birch Run Mi- Birch Run Speedway is proud to introduce you to Joan Jet! Joan is the newest member of the Track Cleanup Team at Birch Run Speedway! Joan Loves Rock and Roll and a clean racing surface in a quick amount of time! The only thing Joan loves even more than that is when kids get up and dance while she is out performing! Birch Run Speedway is investing in the quality of its show experience for fans. We promise to always be looking for innovative ways to keep the action fast paced, and exciting, and the type of night that you have fun! Joan and the rest of the team will see you soon at the Cabin Fever 100 on April 30th, 2022!

Article Credit: Jeff Parish

Submitted By: Jeff Parish

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