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Wisconsin Dells WI 8/6/22-Alex Hartwig dominated the field of Great North Legend INEX Bandoleros on Kalahari Resort and Convention Center night at the races. Axel Oldenhoff and Harley Johnson brought a full field of 21 INEX Bandoleros to the stripe for their 15 lap A-Main. Oldenhoff would take the initial lead as the Bandos fired out 4 wide at times behind him Alex Hartwig would use this jailbreak out of turn 2 to fly from the 11th position on the start to the lead on lap 2! The rest of the field raced hard for position as the 901 pulled away. A great battle for the 2nd spot was had by Cohen Henze and Danny Mann the two raced side by side with great poise and respect for no less than half of the main event. Henze would gain the spot but just not have the time or speed to get to Hartwig as he won in convincing fashion. Following Hartwig to the line was Henze, Mann, Jayden Johnson and Mark Anderson. Incoming inclement weather forced the cancellation of preliminary events. Alex Hartwig was fast time in the INEX Bandoleros with a NEW TRACK RECORD of 16.536

Results for 8/6/2022 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
INEX Bandoleros 21 Entries
A Feature 15 Laps | Kalahari Resorts

  1. 901-Alex Hartwig[11]; 2. 88H-Cohen Henze[12]; 3. 10M-Danny Mann[5]; 4. 8J-Jayden Johnson[9]; 5. 57A-Mark Anderson[10]; 6. 00J-Lincoln Johnson[4]; 7. 29O-Axel Oldenhoff[1]; 8. 13B-Ayden Brockhouse[6]; 9. 22T-Bentley Thompson[8]; 10. 7J-Harley Johnson[2]; 11. 85K-Cole Kurth[7]; 12. 27G-Riley Goodwin[13]; 13. 93O-Mason Obermeyer[15]; 14. 61E-Paegan Ellingson[14]; 15. 62O-Ace Oldenhoff[17]; 16. 63R-Jase Reidner[21]; 17. 5F-Christopher Flynn[18]; 18. 02B-Casie Brabant[20]; 19. 11J-Ethan Jensen[19]; 20. 44O-Markus Obermeyer[16]

Qualifying / Great North Legends

  1. 901-Alex Hartwig[7]; 2. 88H-Cohen Henze[8]; 3. 57A-Mark Anderson[1]; 4. 8J-Jayden Johnson[11]; 5. 22T-Bentley Thompson[20]; 6. 85K-Cole Kurth[13]; 7. 13B-Ayden Brockhouse[3]; 8. 10M-Danny Mann[21]; 9. 00J-Lincoln Johnson[12]; 10. 32P-Colton Roe Pershall[19]; 11. 7J-Harley Johnson[10]; 12. 29O-Axel Oldenhoff[17]; 13. 27G-Riley Goodwin[6]; 14. 61E-Paegan Ellingson[4]; 15. 93O-Mason Obermeyer[15]; 16. 44O-Markus Obermeyer[14]; 17. 62O-Ace Oldenhoff[16]; 18. 5F-Christopher Flynn[5]; 19. 11J-Ethan Jensen[9]; 20. 02B-Casie Brabant[2]; 21. 63R-Jase Reidner[18]
    Points/Payout 4 Events as of 8/6/2022

INEX Bandoleros 2022 - Dells Raceway Park Schedule
Pos # Competitor Hometown Point Standings
1 901 Hartwig, Alex Portage, WI 423
2 29O Oldenhoff, Axel Lake Mills, WI 374
3 22T Thompson, Bentley West Salem, WI 360
4 85K Kurth, Cole Wisconsin Rapids, WI 329
5 88H Henze, Cohen JUDA, WI 313
6 8J Johnson, Jayden Ixonia, WI 287
7 62O Oldenhoff, Ace Lake Mills, WI 285
8 11J Jensen, Ethan Baraboo, WI 268
9 57A Anderson, Mark Arden Hills, MN 267
10 63R Reidner, Jase Lodi, WI 267
11 02B Brabant, Casie Marshall, WI 266
12 13B Brockhouse, Ayden Shakopee, MN 261
13 00J Johnson, Lincoln Ixonia, WI 242
14 10B Billings, Emily Waterloo, WI 235
15 7J Johnson, Harley Ixonia, WI 217
16 5S Sauter, Penn Deforest, WI 199
17 69S Stargardt, Laci Neilsville, WI 147
18 5F Flynn, Christopher Farmington, MN 130
19 61E Ellingson, Paegan Watertown, WI 126
20 12B Brockhouse, Ayrton Shakopee, MN 109
21 10M Mann, Danny Elko, MN 94
22 32P Roe Pershall, Colton Onalaska, WI 78
23 16L Lenz, Carli Lake Mills, WI 78
24 27G Goodwin, Riley Hudson, WI 75
25 93o Obermeyer, Mason Union Grove, WI 70
26 17L Lenz, Mason Lake Mills, WI 66
27 08F Flairty, Haylee Hartford, WI 56
28 44o Obermeyer, Markus Union Grove, WI 56

Article Credit: Spike Storkson

Submitted By: Jerry Auby

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