Dailey Trucking to Deliver Incentives to Jr. Dragster Racers


Bunker Hill Dragstrip

Dailey Trucking to Deliver Incentives to Jr. Dragster Racers

Bunker Hill, IN Geneva, Indiana based Dailey Trucking, a family owned trucking business specializing in flatbed and grain hauling, will be delivering fun incentive awards to Billy's Auto Repair Jr. Dragster racers at Bunker Hill Dragstrip in 2023.
At every Summit Super Series points race, Jr. Dragster racers will have the opportunity to win a total of $75 dollars in extra incentives. The driver with the best reaction time in round one will earn $25 and the driver with the best losing package in round one will go home with $50.

Known as Spike to fellow racers, Scott Dailey who owns Dailey trucking with his wife Laura, was an avid bracket racer back in the 90’s and raced 15 to 20 years. He has since hung up his fire suit and spends his time at the track focused on his youngest sons, who race jr. dragsters.
12 year old Adam was a runner up at the Bunker Hill Dragstrip Jr. Dragster Nationals in 2022, and thanks to the new IHRA Jr. Dragster licensing requirements, which allow children to start at an earlier age, Mitchell who will be six next month will be making his Jr. Dragster racing debut at Bunker Hill Dragstrip in 2023.

“Having a son who is just getting started in jr. dragsters, inspired us to want to do something that could potentially reward the kids who are working hard at their lights, but not necessarily ready to work the finish line. By rewarding the best reaction time of round one and the best losing package, it may brighten the day of a kid who didn’t see their win light come on.

The Billy’s Auto Repair Jr. Dragster class is currently an all run class, meaning the beginners, who are the youngest and newest Jr. Dragster racers race against the older and in most cases, more experienced racers. Last year Bunker Hill Dragstrip only had two Jr. Dragster points racers that were considered beginners. The McMillen family hopes to have enough Jr. Dragster racers, to one day split the class into at least 2 if not 3 different groups. They know that building the program will take time, and they couldn’t do it without the support of Billy’s Auto Repair and Dailey Trucking who make racing at Jr. Dragster at Bunker Hill Dragstrip extra special.

“Jr. Dragster racing is the future of drag racing and building a strong Jr. Dragster program is a goal for us. With Billy’s Auto Repair guaranteeing a total of $600 in prize money at every Summit Super Series bracket event, and Dailey Trucking delivering money for fun incentive awards at the same events, our Jr. program is heading in the right direction, “explains track owner Terry McMillen.
Cori McMillen agrees with her husband. “Our hope now is that we will attract more racers that are in the beginner class, and we know that the Dailey Trucking incentives will help with that. My son Cameron has been racing the older kids for the last 2 years. Round wins are hard to come by when you are racing up like that, and a little recognition for having the best reaction time even if he lost the round, would go a long way for him, so I know it will do the same for the other kids.”
While Bunker Hill Dragstrip will continue to run their Jr. Dragster program as an all run in 2023, at any event where there are 6 or more beginner class racers, the beginners will race beginners until there is one left, at which time, they will mix in with the rest of the class.

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