2023 POWRi Open Wheel Membership and Championship Point Funds



2023 POWRi Open Wheel Membership and Championship Point Funds

Belleville, IL. (3/17/23) Looking towards the 2023 season, POWRi has made changes to the membership credentials, most notably requiring ALL entrants to hold a current membership license to compete. To level this requirement, all memberships will be a flat $100 per competitor, and the entry fee eliminated for the following divisions:

• National & West Midget Leagues
• Outlaw Micro League
• WAR Sprint League
• 410 Bandit Outlaw Sprint Series

As in previous years, one membership will allow participants to run in multiple divisions in a sanctioned event. For example, at an event hosting both National Midgets and WAR Sprint competition, a member could join as a National Midget member and run in both the National Midget portion and WAR portion.

In this example, assuming the participant purchased the National Midget membership, they would only receive points in that division. If competitors want points in both, it is required that they join both.

Requiring membership licenses for all competitors ensures benefits including member participants' $100,000 secondary accident insurance, annual point fund monies, and contingency awards.

“With the rising costs of insurance coverage policies compiled with evolving plan requirements, POWRi’s overall intent continues to be keeping the costs of the racers at a minimum. By requiring a flat-rate fee to all divisions, sanctioning costs will not rise while yearly point funds continue to improve,” said Kenny Brown of POWRi.

POWRi memberships are available online for purchase at https://www.myracepass.com/sanctions/1011/registrations/6909.

POWRi Championship Point Funds for the 2023 season:
National Midget League: http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=803348
West Midget League: http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=803349
Outlaw Micro League: http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=803350
410 BOSS: http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=803351
WAR Sprint League: http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=803352

Future updates will be posted as confirmed. Rules and guidelines for each division are available online at http://www.powri.com/info under the corresponding class. Follow along for more information such as race recaps, updates, full results, and press releases online at www.powri.com, and on Facebook at POWRi.

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