Veihdeffer, McCollister, Schulz, Ruggiero, Stewart, Reid, Rastelli, and Radosky Win on Opening Night at Little R


Ransomville Speedway

Veihdeffer, McCollister, Schulz, Ruggiero, Stewart, Reid, Rastelli, and Radosky Win on Opening Night at Little R

RANSOMVILLE, NY (May 18, 2023) The SANY New York/Burris Racing go-karting program at the Ransomville Speedway held its first race of the 2023 season Thursday night with 93 karts signing in pitside. Eric Veihdeffer won the Mike Barry Motors Senior Heavy feature. Eric Veihdeffer and Aidan McCollister won the twin 15’s for the Fisher’s Auto Repair Senior Lites. Jacob Schulz won the Frontier Auto Wrecking Junior 3 feature. Thomas Ruggiero won the SJE Shocks Junior 2 feature. Laina Stewart won the Slack Kart Junior 1 feature that paid $125 to win. Jack Reid, Caerer Rastelli, and Delia Radosky won the Just Signs & Designs Novice features.

Racing is back at the Little R on Sunday, May 21, featuring a $500 to win event for the Sr Class. All karts competing in the Sr class MUST meet Sr. Heavy division class weight. Weight rules are available by downloading the kart rulebook, under the kart tab at Other classes in competition on Sunday will be an Adult Fun Class, plus Jr 3, Jr 2, Jr 1, and Novice, all under a non-points format.

The Little R would like to thank all the divisional sponsors for continuing their support of the future stars of racing. Mike Barry Motors (Sr Heavy), Fisher’s Auto Repair (Sr Lites), Frontier Auto Wrecking (Junior 3), SJE Shocks (Junior 2), Slack Karts (Junior 1), and Just Signs & Designs (Novice).

Mike Barry Motors Sr Heavy: ERIC VEIHDEFFER, Ryan Gregoric, Brayden Bills, Ben Walsh, Gene Gregoric, Gary Gow, Austin Gordon, Mike Seefeldt, Colin Spatorico, Trent Smith, Aidan McCollister, David Chiodo, Ashley Daul, Johnny Costanzo, Robert Rodebaugh, Mike Csizmadia, Jayme Stone, Matt Veihdeffer, Steve Shoop
Qualifying Heats: Eric Veihdeffer, Matt Veihdeffer, Ryan Gregoric

Fisher’s Auto Repair Sr Lite #1: ERIC VEIHDEFFER, Adian Seefeldt, Brayden Bills, Colby Boyer, Aidan McCollister, Clayton Cain, Jayme Stone, Chase Richner, Austin Gordon, Ben Walsh, Sal Paonessa, Riley Bloomingdale, Sydney Loewer
Fisher’s Auto Repair Sr Lite #2: AIDAN MCCOLLISTER, Aidan Seefeldt, Riley Bloomingdale, Ben Walsh, Chase Richner, Brayden Bills, Austin Gordon, Clayton Cain, Colby Boyer, Sal Paonessa, Sydney Loewer, Eric Veihdeffer, Jayme Stone
Qualifying Heats: Colby Boyer, Ben Walsh

Frontier Auto Wrecking Jr 3: JACOB SCHULZ, Dylan Clemons, Abby Fisher, Anthony DiPaolo, Matthew Garvin, Brooklyn Chaffee, Jocelyn Just, Ethan Hammer, Taylah Rossi, Jacalyn Nettleton, Jayden Tomaino
Qualifying Heats: Dylan Clemons, Jacob Schulz

SJE Shocks Jr 2: THOMAS RUGGIERO, Jackson Bonesky, Jenson Cook, Tessa Pendykoski, Lucas Newton, Brandon Guyette, Giovanni Paonessa, Tyler Moden, James Strassburg, Gabriel Rodriguez, Aidan Rusnock, Joe Rodosky, Sophia Harris
Qualifying Heats: Giovanni Paonessa, Thomas Ruggiero

Slack Karts Jr 1: LAINA STEWART, Kenneth Colon Jr, Jax Cotriss, Ryan Barry, Cole Schumacher, Luke Holmes, Raelyn Just, John Massar, Cameron Smith, Jayme Just, Rowen Ostapiuk, Zoe McPherson, Vincent Ruggiero, Jake Schrader
Qualifying Heats: Laina Stewart, Ryan Barry

Just Signs & Designs Novice #1: JACK REID, Jason Strassburg, Fulton Coleman, Mason Sharts, Riley Shoop, Emily Harris, Bentley Greene
Just Signs & Designs Novice #2: CAERER Rastelli, Chad Miller, Lauren Strassburg, Zachary Schrader, Lucas Rodebaugh, Lexi Nigro, Blake Snyder, Garrett Nettleton
Just Signs & Designs Novice #3: DELIA RADOSKY, Ryan Maher, Darren Borkenhagen, Maximus Wallace, Bentley, Bryson Herrivan, Abigail Newton
Qualifying Heats: Mason Sharts, Lauren Strassburg, Delia Radosky

Article Credit: Steven Petty

Submitted By: Steven Petty

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