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Wisconsin Dells WI-West Salem’s Bentley Thompson brought home the Victory on the GNL Inex Bandoleros on Quality FreightRate Night at the Races. Bentley Thompson and Axel Oldenhoff brought a fierce field of youngsters to the line for their 15lap A Main. Much like their Legend counterparts the Bandos are a class that deals in pack racing racing 3 and 4 wide until it they break off into battles for position multiple cars got to lead Saturday night until it boiled down to a 4 way battle between Cohen Henze, Penn Sauter, Riley Smith and Jayden Johnson the top 4 raged into a great fight until there was contact between the leaders with 2 to go that triggered a massive crash off turn 4. All drivers were checked and ok however it left many cars too badly damaged to continue. On the restart Bentley Thompson who avoided the altercation would pull away from Ace Oldenhoff to claim the win. They were followed to the line by Axel Oldenhoff, Lincoln Johnson and Carter Stein. The heat races were won by Bentley Thompson and Derek Meyer. Penn Sauter was the fastest of 18 GNL Inex Bandoleros to take time with a lap of 16.760. The GNL Inex Bandoleros return to DRP July 29th on Kalahari Resort & Convention Centers Night.

Results for 6/3/2023 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
GNL INEX Bandoleros 18 Entries
A Feature 15 Laps | Great North Legends

  1. 22T-Bentley Thompson[1]; 2. 62O-Ace Oldenhoff[4]; 3. 29O-Axel Oldenhoff[2]; 4. 00J-Lincoln Johnson[6]; 5. 11S-Carter Stein[12]; 6. 5S-Penn Sauter[9]; 7. 11M-Ben Meyer[14]; 8. 10M-Derek Meyer[13]; 9. 7J-Harley Johnson[5]; 10. 11J-Ethan Jensen[15]; 11. 71T-McKenna Turner[18]; 12. 88H-Cohen Henze[7]; 13. 8J-Jayden Johnson[8]; 14. 3S-Riley Smith[3]; 15. 27E-Paegan Ellingson[11]; 16. 5B-Paxton Benz[10]; 17. 60G-Chase Gottschalk[16]; 18. 51T-Brody Thompson[17]

Heat 1 6 Laps | Great North Legends

  1. 22T-Bentley Thompson[1]; 2. 62O-Ace Oldenhoff[4]; 3. 3S-Riley Smith[3]; 4. 8J-Jayden Johnson[8]; 5. 5S-Penn Sauter[9]; 6. 88H-Cohen Henze[7]; 7. 29O-Axel Oldenhoff[2]; 8. 7J-Harley Johnson[5]; 9. 00J-Lincoln Johnson[6]

Heat 2 6 Laps | Great North Legends

  1. 10M-Derek Meyer[4]; 2. 5B-Paxton Benz[7]; 3. 11S-Carter Stein[5]; 4. 27E-Paegan Ellingson[6]; 5. 11M-Ben Meyer[3]; 6. 11J-Ethan Jensen[2]; 7. 60G-Chase Gottschalk[1]; 8. 51T-Brody Thompson[8]

Qualifying 2 Laps | Great North Legends

  1. 5S-Penn Sauter[13]; 2. 8J-Jayden Johnson[7]; 3. 88H-Cohen Henze[4]; 4. 00J-Lincoln Johnson[8]; 5. 7J-Harley Johnson[6]; 6. 62O-Ace Oldenhoff[11]; 7. 3S-Riley Smith[14]; 8. 29O-Axel Oldenhoff[12]; 9. 22T-Bentley Thompson[16]; 10. 5B-Paxton Benz[1]; 11. 27E-Paegan Ellingson[2]; 12. 11S-Carter Stein[15]; 13. 10M-Derek Meyer[10]; 14. 11M-Ben Meyer[9]; 15. 11J-Ethan Jensen[5]; 16. 60G-Chase Gottschalk[3]; 17. 51T-Brody Thompson[17]; 18. 71T-McKenna Turner[18]

Point Standings as of 6/3/2023
GNL INEX Bandoleros 2023 - Dells Raceway Park Schedule
Pos # Competitor Hometown Points
1 5S Sauter, Penn Deforest, WI 210
2 29O Oldenhoff, Axel Lake Mills, WI 189
3 88H Henze, Cohen JUDA, WI 188
4 10M Meyer, Derek Michigamme, MI 184
5 11J Jensen, Ethan Baraboo, WI 159
6 27E Ellingson, Paegan Watertown, WI 158
7 22T Thompson, Bentley West Salem, WI 107
8 62O Oldenhoff, Ace Lake Mills, WI 104
9 85K Kurth, Cole Wisconsin Rapids, WI 96
10 00J Johnson, Lincoln Ixonia, WI 95
11 11S Stein, Carter Germantown, WI 89
12 32P Roe Pershall, Colton Onalaska, WI 87
13 7J Johnson, Harley Ixonia, WI 84
14 11M Meyer, Ben Michigamme, MI 83
15 8J Johnson, Jayden Ixonia, WI 81
16 3S Smith, Riley Lake Mills, WI 75
17 71T Turner, McKenna Pewaukee, WI 74
18 5B Benz, Paxton Wausau, WI 69
19 60G Gottschalk, Chase Jefferson, WI 62
20 51T Thompson, Brody West Salem, WI 60

Article Credit: Spike Storkson - Photo Deb Galston

Submitted By: Jerry Auby

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