Modified Racing Series

Official Statement

Here is my official statement about the situation at the event on 09/17/2023
During the heat races there was an on track incident between 2 competitors after the race I was informed by track management and others the incident spilled over in the pit area where one team antagonized the other team. Myself and the management came to a decision on course of action. Ultimately the decision was mine to make and I did so in the best interest of the 30 competitors that came to support this event and The Modified Racing Series, that decision was a difficult one to make, whether you agree with it or not . If it was the wrong decision I apologize I try to make the best decision I can given the options I had available( I am only human).
If anyone would like to call me and discuss this in private here is my Phone number (603)707-0526 as this is the only public discussion I will have about this situation.
Thank Willy Doucette
Owner of The Modified Racing Series

Submitted By: William Doucette

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