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The ‘Bullring’ would play host to its annual Mid-Season Championship featuring double points on 80’s Night! A smooth show would see the final checkered flag wave at 10:30, along with a few repeat winners there were several first timers on the season along with some Mechanics getting those elusive checkered flags in the Mechanics Races and going along with the 80’s theme we would also run an ‘Australian Pursuit’!

Congrats to all the winners including:
Stutler Motorsports Super Late: Cole Perine
Jenkins Auto Parts UMP Modified: Cody Brightwell
J&R Excavating RUSH Late Model: AJ Spagnoulo
Middlebourne Galaxy Food Center Sportmod: Wesley Reed
Sigler Fabrication Hotmod: Steve Magyar
SCDRA 4 Cylinder: Joey Price
Mechanics Race Winners were Paul Baker, Stevi Magyar and Robert Frohnapfel
The Sportmod Australian Pursuit winner was Tyler Spencer

Tyler County Speedway Feature Results from Saturday, June 15th

Stutler Motorsports Super Late Model Feature: Cole Perine, Brandon Weigle, Caiden Black, Daniel Hill, Tyler Riggs, Robbie Scott, Steve Weigle, Josh Tonkin, Brian Baumberger, Derek Stefanek, Ed Shuman, Ryan Saffell

Jenkins Auto Parts UMP Modified Feature: Cody Brightwell, Shawn Jett, Chad Smith, Doug Carson, Lance Elson, Tyler Stutler, Danny Thomas, Kurt Rogers, Travis Thomas, Donnie Dotson, Daniel Eddy, Gerald Deitch, Casey Ash, Nick Corbitt, Gunner Binns, Robbie Archer, DNS Brandon McGrady

J&R Excavating RUSH Late Model Feature: AJ Spagnuolo, Michael Moreland, Logan Reed, Donnie Dotson, Allen Clark, Zachary Kane, John Boring, John Johnson, Blake Runyon, Kyle Thomas, JJ Arnold, DNS Brian Nethers

Middlebourne Galaxy Food Center Sportmod Feature: Wesley Reed, Kendall Hodge, Jeff Gorrell, Tyler Spencer, Sonny Leek, Tommy Powell, Nic Green, Josalyn Hibbard, Al Smith, Crash Craddock, Mike Harter, Reed Smith, Dave McCartney, Andy Green, Allen Clark, Mickey Thorpe, Sonny Hanes

Sigler Fabrication Hotmod Feature: Steve Magyar, Eddie Probst, Brian Probst, Jason Todd, Lou Ennis, Santino Loretta, Carson Thomas, Dave Mackey, Allen Moore, Ed Ackerman, Nick Gorby, Virgil Masters

SCDRA 4 Cylinder Feature: Joey Price, Jason Frazier, Mitch Eddy, Beau Thomas, Timothy Harlan, Eric Tidd, Wesley Tennant, Cameron Keller, Joe Price, Dalton America, Noah Bubeck, DNS Bobby Rymer

Pathway Real Estate Professional Junior Mini Wedge Feature: Coen Thomas, Rowen Brightwell, Kolten Thomas, Greyson Smith, Aly Leek, Karter Perine

Pathway Real Estate Professional Senior Mini Wedge Feature: Kylee Thomas, Eli Smith, Cruz Thomas, Bryson Roberts, Jacob Moore, Erickson Smith, Declan Carpenter, Kyndi Glover, Brentley Carson, Colten Long, Khloe Glover, Kaden Sexton

Be sure to join us next Saturday Night, June 22nd for one of the Tyler County Speedway’s marquee events. In celebration of the 50th season at the ‘Bullring’, the Hometown Racing Association will present the 50th Mid-Summer Classic featuring Twin 50’s! A double dose of late model racing action as the Tyler County Speedway will play host to the 37th Annual Earl Hill Memorial paying $5,080 to win for the Stutler Motorsports Super Lates along with the 2nd visit of the season by the Steel Block Late Model Tour who will be vying for $3,000 to win! A can’t miss show as the 50 lappers at the ‘Bullring’ are always must see action!

Submitted By: Dan Patterson

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