Badger Drivers Chime in on Having the Weekend Off


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Badger Drivers Chime in on Having the Weekend Off

It was a mixed response when Advanced Fastening Supply Badger Midget Auto Racing Association drivers were asked how they spent their weekend off from series competition.

Several Badger regulars just couldn’t stay out of the cockpit and traveled to Lincoln (Illinois) Speedway for a July 5 race with their sister organization, MARA. Jace Sparks was runner up to Daltyn England in the event. Mike Unger, Jake Goeglin and the winner of the last Badger go, Luke Wackerlin all placed in the top ten. Parker Jones, RJ Corson and Mitchell Davis also made the tow.

Meanwhile, Eric Blumer worked on a street car during his weekend off, but found time to hop in a dirt Legend for a night of racing in Iowa and plans on working on the gremlins in his midget during the week.

For others, it was a chance to get away and recharge for a busy second half of the Badger season. Drivers don’t have a whole weekend off through the end of the racing year, Labor Day weekend.

Todd Kluever kept busy with his day job as a tavern owner, while he waited on some parts for the #55. He also found time for relaxation. Between July 4th being his favorite holiday and his birthday in there too, he hit a couple of area parades and did some camping with family and friends to celebrate and unwind. He says he’ll be back at the midget this week and will be ready for Sunday’s event at Angell Park.

Matt Rechek, driver of Craig Dori’s #38 kept is simple, “I'm up north fishing for the weekend... wish we had a few more weekends off to do this stuff.”

Summing up the big picture for a lot of drivers, Brandon Waelti noted, “Nice to have a planned off weekend especially for the holiday weekend. We don’t really do much different with cars other than we can stretch out maintenance a little so we can be home a little more to get caught up on household tasks. Did go up to Lake Wisconsin boating for Todd Kluever’s birthday so that was a fun thing that is hard to do when racing. We did do the ever-popular Token Creek Fourth of July Parade on the 4th…. And made sure to do some bench racing at Club LaMark on Friday nights!”

Working on cars that were not their midgets, was a bit of a theme as Nick Kilian chimed in on his activities, “Not much just worked in the shop on my Camaro trying to get it running and hung out with my family for my dad's birthday try to relax before the next half of the season.”

Lastly, Kyle Stark perhaps had the best of both worlds as he and his son Karter spent part of their break in Indiana. That’s where Kyle won a big sport compact race, the Vores Cup event at Angola Motorsports Speedway. Quite a departure from running Harlan Kittelson’s Red Duce, this was a front wheel drive, fendered car, pavement race. There were 27 cars in the race with Karter having a solid run too, finishing in fifth.

With the holiday weekend over, teams will start focusing on this coming Sunday, July 14, where they are back in action at Angell Park Speedway for the Salute to Bryan Gapinski. Also on the card are the MSA Sprints and Midwest Dirt Legends Series.

Article: Bill Blumer Jr. (BMARA Media)
Photo credit: Anna Wendt Motorsports Photography

Submitted By: William Blumer

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