Pulling an All-Nighter for a Legendary Race


Tulsa Raceway Park

Pulling an All-Nighter for a Legendary Race

Pulling an All-Nighter for a Legendary Race

Racers from as far as South Dakota, Missouri, Texas and Arkansas came to OSCH TRP to no prep race for a NHRA Speed for All Wally over the holiday weekend.
More than 75 cars showed up to do battle at the Legendary Tulsa Midnight Drags for a race put on by John Woolley of Woolley Plumbing and Drain. They’d race across six classes with many racers signing up for more than one class.

Legendary Tulsa Midnight Drags
Tulsa Raceway Park has hosted Midnight Drags for more than 25 years and is a staple of the facility. Thousands of racers have made passes after midnight over the years, with many stories being told overnight. Like the story from John, of Drag Lens Video, about some of his earliest automotive memories and passes being made right here in the wee hours of the mornings. Many other stories and laughs were swapped during the night as we raced towards daylight.

Huge Class Count
Racers were allowed a test pass only if they signed up for 5.50 Index and 6.00 Index, resulting in two huge classes! 5.50 Index had 36 cars in competition with 27 in 6.00 Index. The round of testing got better as the hour long test session went on with rubber being laid down. Being a water burnout only, racers would wet the tires and lay down these huge burnouts to lay rubber past the starting line! It was great for content and the spectators loved it!

Slipping and Sliding
The first rounds of racing were nail biting as racers would struggle for traction. Spectators were treated to some astonishing driving skill and maybe a little luck as everyone tried to put as much power down as possible. Several racers swapping lanes and a few event swapping directions on the track!

After a long night of racing, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise to finish out the final rounds. One of the biggest upsets of the evening came during the first finals with Brent Zimmerman, and his blown small block Chevy Luv, taking down Kallee Mills in Golden Kong in the Big Tire Class.
The next big win was the Barney foxbody Mustang taking out the favorite to win box top Nova in 5.50 Index.

5.50 Index Winner: Cole Norton
Runner-Up: Bobby Pfriem

6.00 Index Winner: Bob Henry
Runner-Up: Kristal Foster

Daily Driver Winner: Jimmy Dale
Runner-Up: Joseph Thomas

True Street Winner: Caylan Goodwin
Runner-Up: Jimmy Dale

Small Tire Winner: Jason Copeland
Runner-Up: Bobby Pfriem

Big Tire Winner: Brent Zimmerman
Runner-Up: Kallee Mills

Article Credit: Michael Narx

Submitted By: Michael Narx

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