Gavin Miller Masters NOW600 National Non-Wing Tuesday Night Thunder Field at Red Dirt Raceway!


NOW600 National Micros

Gavin Miller Masters NOW600 National Non-Wing Tuesday Night Thunder Field at Red Dirt Raceway!

Photo Credit: Richard Bales
MEEKER, Okla. (July 9, 2024) - Gavin Miller mastered the Dirt2Media NOW600 Micro Sprint National Championship presented by Hi Plains Building Division on Tuesday night at Red Dirt Raceway.

A field of 16-Stock Non-Wing micros made their way to the 1/4 mile red clay oval to run alongside the USAC National Midgets.

Earning the pole of the 25-lap feature event, Miller would lead wire to wire to pick up the win. Brant Woods crossed in the second spot with Jack Kassik rounding out the podium. Fourth went to Tate Gurney with Logan Heath making up the top five.

Matthew Laflin would finish sixth. Seventh was Ava Gropp. Joshua Lewis claimed the eighth spot. Kaiden Lane and Dawson Woods completed the top ten.

Gavin Miller and Brant Woods was the nights Milestone Home Service Company heat race winners. Tate Gurney would claim the K&B Racing Quick Qualifier honors.

The NOW600 National Non-Wing Micros trek to Mitchell County Fairgrounds Raceway in Beloit, KS on Wednesday night.

7/9/2024 at Red Dirt Raceway - Meeker, OK
Dirt2Media NOW600 Micro Sprint National Championship


A-Main (25 Laps): 1. 71M-Gavin Miller[1]; 2. 83-Brant Woods[4]; 3. 33K-Jack Kassik[7]; 4. 71K-Tate Gurney[10]; 5. 14L-Logan Heath[13]; 6. 98L-Matthew Laflin[8]; 7. 5A-Ava Gropp[9]; 8. 23L-Joshua Lewis[2]; 9. 99L-Kaiden Lane[15]; 10. 83W-Dawson Woods[16]; 11. 55A-Aidan Lewis[14]; 12. 42X-Luke Anderson[3]; 13. 3-Cale Coons[6]; 14. 00T-TJ Stark[5]; 15. 66-Jayden Clay[11]; 16. 297-Dillon Berglan[12]

Milestone Home Service Co Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 71M-Gavin Miller[3]; 2. 42X-Luke Anderson[2]; 3. 3-Cale Coons[5]; 4. 33K-Jack Kassik[8]; 5. 99L-Kaiden Lane[1]; 6. 297-Dillon Berglan[7]; 7. 55A-Aidan Lewis[6]; 8. 14L-Logan Heath[4]

Milestone Home Service Co Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 83-Brant Woods[1]; 2. 23L-Joshua Lewis[3]; 3. 00T-TJ Stark[5]; 4. 98L-Matthew Laflin[2]; 5. 5A-Ava Gropp[6]; 6. 66-Jayden Clay[7]; 7. 71K-Tate Gurney[4]; 8. 83W-Dawson Woods[8]

KB Racing Qualifying 1 (3 Laps): 1. 14L-Logan Heath, 00:14.055[5]; 2. 71M-Gavin Miller, 00:14.123[1]; 3. 42X-Luke Anderson, 00:14.386[6]; 4. 99L-Kaiden Lane, 00:14.483[2]; 5. 3-Cale Coons, 00:14.483[8]; 6. 55A-Aidan Lewis, 00:14.833[4]; 7. 297-Dillon Berglan, 00:16.326[3]; 8. 33K-Jack Kassik, 00:16.326[7]

KB Racing Qualifying 2 (3 Laps): 1. 71K-Tate Gurney, 00:14.034[2]; 2. 23L-Joshua Lewis, 00:14.077[8]; 3. 98L-Matthew Laflin, 00:14.201[1]; 4. 83-Brant Woods, 00:14.246[7]; 5. 00T-TJ Stark, 00:14.427[3]; 6. 5A-Ava Gropp, 00:14.478[5]; 7. 66-Jayden Clay, 00:14.564[6]; 8. 83W-Dawson Woods, 00:15.177[4]


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