TKS Motorsports- Eight Place Run in Second Outing at Knoxville!


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TKS Motorsports- Eight Place Run in Second Outing at Knoxville!

After a part failure caused a DNF on opening night at Knoxville, the TKS Motorsports #2KS team and driver Craig Dollansky rebounded last Saturday night with a solid eighth place run in just their second outing of the season. The team hopes to climb the ladder a little higher this Saturday at Knoxville.

Craig would time in ninth quick amongst the 27-car field. “We were just a little too tight,” says owner and crew chief, Troy Renfro. “We’re way better qualifying this year than we were last year. The racetrack was a little faster for qualifying that it was the week before. The track has been good. They’ve done a good job with it.”

A fifth place finish in the heat locked the #2KS into the feature. “There were a couple of things we wanted to try in the heat and we were definitely too tight there,” says Troy.
“We were able to get through there though and get ready for the feature.”

Craig would line up inside row five for the main event. “We went back to where we thought we should be, and we were still a little too tight,” says Troy. “Part of that is the tires we’re running on. When you’re in dirty air, it’s tough to drive. In clean air, you’re fine.”

Several battles ensued in heavy traffic, but a caution with eight laps to go opened up the racetrack. “Honestly, it was tough for anyone to pass,” says Troy. “We were tight, but looking at the other teams, most of them were too. Saturday, most of the passing was done in traffic, or when someone made a mistake.”

Troy and the team are preparing for this weekend’s action at Knoxville. “We’ve made some changes this week,” he says. “We know where we’re lacking and we’re making those changes. We’re really excited about getting back on the track. Starting next week, we’ll be running at least two shows a week most weeks and that’s going to help us a ton. This was only our second race of the year.”

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