Brian Brown-Another Podium at Knoxville!


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Brian Brown-Another Podium at Knoxville!

Brian Brown and the Casey’s General Stores/FVP #21 team had their podium roll continue last Saturday night with a second place finish at Knoxville Raceway in Iowa. The Grain Valley, Missouri driver has posted six podium finishes in his last seven events. His streak will be tested this weekend as he takes on the World of Outlaws at the Salina (Oklahoma) Highbanks on Friday and the I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Missouri Saturday.

You timed in fourth quick Saturday at Knoxville.

It really wasn’t one of my best efforts personally. I made a corner on each end on different laps, but not a good lap overall. To mess up, and still come out fourth quick shows how good our Maxim chassis, Factory Kahne shocks and Charlie Garrett motor is.

The heat got off to a rough start, but you ended up second after starting in the third row.

There were a couple of close moments, especially on the start there. Dustin Selvage had an issue there and we barely missed him. We were hit from behind and we were able to survive it. We were able to get going, and we got by (Bryan) Clauson there late for second. Every lap you’re turning there, you build your notebook for August. Things are always different night to night.

The invert for the feature was six, and you started third.

We got a decent start. I missed the bottom of one and two and let Ian (Madsen) get by us. We rode there in fourth and got to traffic. It got pretty interesting. You had cars that were going a lot slower than the leaders. There were four cars fighting for the lead. There were a couple times when even I had my eyes shut. I’m sure it was exciting for the fans.

It was definitely getting exciting before the caution came out.

We ended up having a yellow flag there with eight to go. Lining up fourth, I didn’t think our chances to win were high. I was wishing we were up another spot or two. We were able to get by (Davey) Heskin pretty quick and then we were able to pass Tim (Kaeding) and get into second within the first lap of the restart.

You were able to reel in Ian, and it looked like you may have a shot at him.

We were able to run him down the last seven laps. With two to go, I thought I was almost close enough to try something. At that point, you have one opportunity to make something happen. One mistake and it’s not going to happen. Coming to the white, there was a lapped car down in the lane where I needed to make something happen. We ended up second. Congratulations to Ian. They work hard just like we do.

You have definitely been on a roll as far as podium finishes!

If you keep running second and in the top five the wins are going to come. I really feel like where we are this year compared to where we were last year is not even close. I feel like we’re back on top of our game. Last year, when we were running sixth or seventh, we were just looking for a top five.

The team has a big weekend ahead.

We’re looking forward to getting back to Salina, Oklahoma on Friday. We had a good run with the Outlaws there last year (5th). Then we have an FVP event Saturday at Pevely. We’ve had some good runs there too. We’re looking forward to getting down there and see our FVP customers and employees.

I know Bob Myers, the CEO of Casey’s is retiring at the end of April.

I want to congratulate him on his retirement. He’s been such a huge part of our program, and one of our biggest supporters, not only from the Casey’s side, but as a friend. He’s always been good for our confidence. I hope he enjoys his retirement, and maybe he can get to a few more races.

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