Wednesday’s With Wayne: Victory At Humboldt



Wednesday’s With Wayne: Victory At Humboldt

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Bryan Hulbert – HUMBOLDT, Kan. (May 16, 2018) Wayne Johnson kicked off a three-race swing with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by with style as the Sebastian Sandblasting and Powder Coating No. 2c picked up the win at Humboldt Speedway on Wednesday, May 9.

“I’ll tell you what, as bad as we were at Humboldt last year, I think we ended up 11th or something. I watched the video and at the start, I was third, and just backed up, but what’ crazy is we rolled in with the same notes,” said Johnson with a laugh. “We really didn’t know what to do, and we just started from there and figured if it didn’t feel good, we at least had a starting point to adjust from, and we didn’t really have to change much. The car felt good all night.”

Wayne’s 51st career victory with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by, the win brings Wayne’s overall podium finish total to 152 since 1993.

Bogged down in his Heat Race at Lakeside Speedway, Wayne was able to rebound to sixth in Thursday's A-Feature after starting 10th.

“We had a fast car at Lakeside. The Heat Race got us a little bit behind, but we ended up turning the fastest lap in that race by about three-tenths, so I knew we were good, just got too tight in the feature," explained Johnson.

"I just couldn’t get off the corner without plowing the front end. Really, it felt like I was going to hit the fence, especially off turn two, but that’s what I’ve struggled with. I made that commented on Wednesday that we’re struggling on big tracks, and I really think I just have the car too tight, so we’ve made some changes and hopefully learned something because we have to get better before Knoxville.”

In the hunt at I-30 Speedway, Wayne’s night nearly ended with a tumble while running second on Lap 9. Rolling the top of the first and second turn the previous lap, Johnson made up tremendous ground on Derek Hagar. Taking it in just a little hard the next lap, the No. 2c suddenly shot skyward after hooking a hole entering turn one. Able to continue racing, Wayne held on to finish 17th.

“I probably made up half the distance on Derek the lap before, and when he got caught up on the bottom, I took it in a little to hard and hit that hole just right. Luckily the thing just bounced, but after that, I knew something wasn’t right with the car and sure enough, the right rear shock blew up and actually, I have never seen a shock come apart like that, but anyway I just wasn’t any good after that. I could pass a few guys at the back, but it got to where I just wanted to finish.”

Despite the rough end to an otherwise solid run, Johnson is well in the hunt for the point’s lead as he tails Seth Bergman and Sam Hafertepe, Jr, by only 22 markers. Looking to the weekend with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by off, the plan is Creek County Speedway on Friday, May 18 and Lawton Speedway on Saturday, May 19. The forecast, however, will make the final decision.

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Recent Results:

5/9/2018 – Humboldt Speedway (Humboldt, Kan)
Heat: 2nd [4th]
A-Feature: 1st [1st]

5/10/2018 – Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, Kan)
Heat: 3rd [4th]
A-Feature: 6th [10th]

5/12/2018 – I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, Ark)
Heat: 2nd [4th]
A-Feature: 17th [3rd]

Season To Date:

Races: 25; Wins: 3; Top-5: 11; Top-10: 17; Top-20: 22;

Up Next:

May 18, 2018, at Creek County Speedway with ASCS Red River
May 19, 2018, at Lawton Speedway with ASCS Red River

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Wayne would like to give special thanks to his sponsors who have helped keep him behind the wheel and on the road: Todd Carlile, Outlaw Wings, The Oil Medics, Sebastian Sandblasting & Powder Coating, DHR Suspension, Chalk Stix, Rod End Supply, Astro Titanium, Schoenfeld Headers, Simpson, ButlerBuilt, Xtreme Accu-Tach, Weld Wheels, Kustom Sprint Car Supplies, Fisher Racing Engines, Speedway Graphics and Canyon Apparel.

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