Dells Raceway Park

Austin Jahr Wins Dells INEX Regional Event

Wisconsin Dells WI 9/11/21-Austin Jahr of Farmington MN captured the INEX Regional event Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park Presented by Legends Direct & Mueller's Repair and Recovery. Jahr had to hold off the always tough Tristan Swanson from Elko, MN for the win. This was the third win of the season for Jahr at Dells Raceway Park and for sure the sweetest as he collected $1300 total for the win.

Results for Regional Event at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
INEX Legends
A Feature 1 25 Laps | Legends Direct - Mueller's Repair & Recovery
1. 47J-Austin Jahr[3]; 2. 100S-Tristan Swanson[1]; 3. 8W-Michael Weber[4]; 4. 66K*-Kendrick Kreyer[10]; 5. 90G-Michael Guderski[6]; 6. 2H*-Adam Hansen[9]; 7. 99O-Aaron Olson[7]; 8. 54S-Kenny Storkson[5]; 9. 20L-Danny Lehmkuhl[11]; 10. 54R-Ethan Ross[14]; 11. 57S-Mike Storkson[16]; 12. 78D-David Borntreger[13]; 13. 32M-Robby Morrison[12]; 14. 7M-Benjamin Massman[15]; 15. 04D*-Donald Denman[18]; 16. 51B*-Rose Borntreger[17]; 17. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck[8]; 18. 7J*-Jason Harnisch[2]

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