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Putting Tools in your Tool Box

Putting Tools in your Tool Box

When asked the question, "How many tools do you have in your toolbox?" You are more than likely going to say, "I have every tool I need to build my car, my motor, work on my truck and trailer.. I have everything!" Now, how about if the same question was asked, but instead of your traditional toolbox, it was in regards to your "Marketing" toolbox?

Most racers don't have a great response when asked that question. So with that being said, we need to increase the amount of tools you have in your Marketing toolbox. There are many ways to do that. One was stated last week with the Hero Cards... Using them as more of a Marketing/Promotional Card, rather than "just" a Hero Card. But, one of the biggest tools you can have for Marketing is pretty simple. Generate long-lasting relationships.

This is no simple task as a whole, but there a couple easy steps you can take. For example, say you find a new company who is willing to help out a little bit, let's say $1000, treat them like they just gave you $25,000. Show them why they are important, why their marketing dollars can be such a great tool for their business. There are many ways to do this, but the first step is to get your new potential Marketing Partner involved in your race team. We can all agree that racing is a disease. What goes on throughout the week, the night of the race, the next day, and the off-season, are all things that are too hard to verbally explain to someone who doesn't know. It's a lot of hard work, it's very expensive, time consuming, frustrating, and well, I could go on forever. But, we still do it! So why?! There must be a reason...

Show them why! Get them involved. Get them to the track. Get them to see the excitement of what actually goes on while running a race team. Even work with your local track promoters and see if you can get discounts on tickets. (Most will work with you, just don't be afraid to ask and tell them WHY you are asking.) Don't hesitate to purchase a couple season passes and invite your marketing partners and their customers to the races. Get them a pit pass and invite them into your pits for a night or two. Once you are able to illustrate the exciting aspects of running a race team, they'll be hooked. And by doing all of that, plus utilizing a few more tools in your toolbox, that $1000 'sponsor' may just change into a $5,000+ Marketing Partner.

Next week I will talk about my simple rule. 60/40. Stay tuned for next Monday to learn exactly what that means!

Josh Holt

  • "Temporarily Retired" Driver and Race Track Promoter, Co-Founder of Driver Websites, MyRacePass, and Sprint Source

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