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Giving Back to your Sponsors & Marketing Partners

Giving Back to your Sponsors & Marketing Partners

Unless you are independently wealthy, generating long-lasting relationships with your current sponsors and turning them into Marketing Partners is essential if you want to have that full-time career as a driver. Now, this is not an easy task, but hopefully throughout this you may start thinking just a little bit differently and begin using some of the easy practices that you can take to help generate long-lasting Marketing Partnerships.

As I have mentioned before, your fans are your Marketing Partners potential customers. You HAVE to think that way. Your Marketing Partners have invested into you. Or, you have some sponsors that you would like to prove to them, that a maybe a 3-5 year contract would be in their best interest. If you treat everyone that helps you with either product or cash as they have given you a brand new engine for your car, you will start to see those results. Here are a few ways in which you can easily begin.

Every customer that comes into a new business is looking for something. They are looking for either A - what was advertised, B - new products they didn't know existed, or C - they just wanted to check out the new store. When a new business opens up, that business is more than likely offering great discounts on services/products, free product or test product, and a whole bunch of literature that the potential new customer can take home with them.

With that being said, how much product or literature or coupons do you offer to your fans regarding your businesses on the side of your car? Remember, your fans are your Marketing Partners potential customers. Work with your sponsors and ask for giveaways. Ask them for coupons for special event-related discounts. Ask for a bunch of free samples of their product. Do something in which when your fans are following you on your Social Media, or following your website, or even coming up to you to purchase a T-Shirt or acquire an autograph on a Hero Card, have something for them! Have a "Acme Company/Your Race Team" plastic bag to put things in and give out. Have that bag full of coupons or test product. This is all simple and easily executable, all you have to do is talk with your future Marketing Partners, explain what you are trying to do, and they'll be all over getting you whatever you may need.

Another thing you can do is simply use your Hero Cards as something other than a Hero Card, turn it into a Promo Card. Simply having the front of your Hero Card with your information, and then having one of your Marketing Partners' information on the back of the card including a tag line like, "Bring this card in and you'll receive $10.00 off an oil change." You'll be amazed and how many more cards you will go through as well as how many cards your Partners will actually see turned in. Every consumer wants a deal, and you can provide those deals since you are in front of hundreds, if not thousands of race fans (potential customers). It is then up to the business, your Marketing Partner, to turn that new customer into a permanent customer. What you did was give them that lead. That is what they are looking for.

There are many things a driver and/or team owner can do to give back to their sponsors & Marketing Partners. You just have to get creative. But mainly, you have to execute and follow through. Try a couple of those simple little tools explained earlier. Both are very inexpensive and your current Partners or sponsors will be nothing but appreciative.

Josh Holt

  • "Temporarily Retired" Driver and Race Track Promoter, Co-Founder of Driver Websites, MyRacePass, and Sprint Source, President of 16 Companies, LLC.

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