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"Partnership" in Marketing Partnerships

"Partnership" in Marketing Partnerships

When acquiring Marketing Partners, be sure to think of them as exactly that - a Partner. Your new or future Marketing Partners are looking at you and your race team to help generate sales for their business. There are a few questions I want you to think about with your new or potential Marketing Partners: When you have acquired a new Marketing Partner, have you thought about what all you are going to do for them besides just putting their name on the car and your suit? Did your new Marketing Partners offer a contract that specifically labeled everything that you are suppose to do for them? Did you present them with a similar type of contract/agreement explaining everything you are going to do? Did you get a x% off agreement with the place of business from them, and then offered a return agreement explaining what you are going to do?

Like most Dirt Track Racing, most likely the answers will be "NO" to the above questions. But, why? Labeling out what you are going to do for your new or future Marketing Partners, in writing, and then carrying through with your Sponsorship/Marketing Partnership Obligations does a few things.. For starters, it shows Professionalism to your new Marketing Partners. A contract of obligations explaining what you are going to do for your Partners will probably be something they haven't seen before or very rarely, and they will be most excited about it. With that, having an agreement of your obligations to your Partner gives you a nice list of things you have to do.

As said in the first paragraph, your new or future Marketing Partners are signing on with you to do one main thing. Sell product and services. They believe having a marketable team/driver like yourself is going to help sell. Now - it's up to you to do everything you can to promote your Marketing Partners. Treat every Marketing Partner as if you were a part owner in that company. What would you do to promote your company and generate sales? Who would you talk to? How many Social Media posts would you shoot out? How many press releases would you put on your website explaining your product? How would you design your website to promote your company the most?

Promoting your Marketing Partners isn't as scary or difficult that you probably think. You just have to pay attention to your surroundings and take advantage of any opportunity you have. Wear their hat, tweet and Facebook your press release from your website including their handle or hashtag, wear their shirts, keep promotional material on you at all times, tweet and Facebook little updates about the company, work with your Partners and coordinate website and Social Media posts in conjunction with special promotions they may be having, and be available for any company promotions/social events in which you can attend with your car.

If you draw up your own Marketing Partner Obligation Agreement that labels out what you are going to do and how many times you are going to do it, you will begin to earn you MORE marketing dollars and longer lasting marketing relationships with your Partners.

Josh Holt

  • "Temporarily Retired" Driver and Race Track Promoter, Co-Founder of Driver Websites, MyRacePass, and Sprint Source, President of 16 Companies, LLC.

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