Intermountain Snocross Racing
Intermountain Snocross Racing

Intermountain Snocross Racing

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Welcome Racers!

Welcome snowmobile racers to the 2019 racing season with Intermountain Snowmobile Racing (IMSR) Association. Make sure that you get a membership for your racer, print and sign all the waivers and conduct forms, and register on-line for the event day and classes.

Pay Attention!!!

Membership entry is $50 per racer. Only put one class so that you only get charged for the one fee.

Each race has a closing date and a late registration. The closing date is the day before the race date at midnight. If you register after that it is a $5 extra fee. The on-line system will close all registration for a race weekend the day before at noon. Example: Race is Jan 4 and 5. Late fee starts on Jan 3 at midnight. Registration closes at Jan 3 at noon.

2022 Intermountain Snocross Racing Membership Fee

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 62d 12h (01/31/2022 12:00 AM)

No active classes found for this registration. Please check back later.