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Atlanta Motor Speedway

Schedule of Events for 6/3/21 Thursday Thunder

Schedule of Events
Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

10:30AM – 12:00PM Open Practice (Pay at the Parts Trailer)
12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch – (COLD Track)
1:00PM – 3:30PM Open Practice (Pay at the Parts Trailer)
3:30PM Registration Open (Credentials Building)
3:30PM – 5:30PM Competitor Check-In (Credentials Building)
5:30PM Mandatory Drivers Meeting (Xfinity Garage PA System)
6:00PM Registration Closed (Credentials Building)
6:00PM Track Hot (Order of Events Below)

(1) Pro Hot Laps (5 Laps)
(2) Rookie Bandolero Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(3) Bandits Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(4) Outlaws Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(5) Chargers Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(6) Young Lions Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(7) Semi-Pro Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(8) Masters Group Qualifying (7 Laps)
(9) Pro Group Qualifying [cars impounded] (2 Laps)
(10) Rookie Bandolero Feature Race (15 Laps/15 Min)
(11) Bandits Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(12) Outlaw Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(13) Chargers Feature Race (15 Laps/15 Min)
(14) Young Lions Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(15) Semi Pro Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(16) Masters Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(17) Pro Feature Race (25 Laps/25 Min)

-Fuel – USLCI Spec or Shell 93
-Transponders and RaceCeivers are mandatory (frequency 454.0000)
-Garage area will close promptly 1-hour following final feature race

Submitted By: Kyle Nelson

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