Atlanta Motor Speedway
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta Motor Speedway
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Atlanta Motor Speedway

Schedule of Events for 7/10 (NASCAR weekend)

Saturday, July 10th, 2021
INEX Regional Qualifier
2021 AMS Legends Team Challenge Event
AMS Legends All-Star Event

2:00PM – 5:00PM Credential Pick-Up (AMS Credential Building)
3:00PM – 5:00PM Competitor Check-In (Legends of GA office)
25 laps-to-go in NXS Race Drivers Load Into Cars
10 laps-to-go in NXS Race Escort Cars to Turn 1 Scoring Pylon
NXS Race Checkered Flag Escort Cars to Pit Road
NXS VL Completion Track HOT

(1) Bandits Group Qualifying
(2) Outlaws Group Qualifying
(3) Young Lions Group Qualifying
(4) Semi-Pro Group Qualifying
(5) Masters Group Qualifying
(6) Pro Group Qualifying
(7) Rookie Bandolero Group Qualifying
(8) Chargers Group Qualifying
(9) Bandits Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(10) Outlaw Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(11) Young Lions Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(12) Semi Pro Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(13) Masters Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(14) Pro Feature Race (20 Laps/20 Min)
(15) Rookie Bandolero Feature Race (15 Laps/15 Min)
(16) Chargers Feature Race (15 Laps/15 Min)
(17) Bandolero All-Star Race (25 Laps)
(18) Legends All-Star Race (25 Laps)

-Drivers Meeting Notes will be available at Competitor Check-In located in the Legends of GA office
-Transponders and RaceCeivers are mandatory (frequency 454.0000)
-Tech will be located at the grid area (pit road)
-All cars will remain in the grid area until the conclusion of the even

Submitted By: Kyle Nelson

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