Feature Updates

April 2022 Release Notes



  • Added a default payment type control in the single payments view in Payment Management.
  • Added a feature to change the payment type for all payees in a payment group.
  • Added a championship rule that only includes competitors who are members.


  • Added a feature/dash lineup from lineup points and transfers.
  • Added an option for gallery items to sort by date by default.


  • Created option in Season Management to hide active ticket events from public view while still allowing purchases for users that have the direct link.
  • Added a feature that shows individual driver name and results on team schedule pages.
  • Added a feature to set the tiebreaker on the Passing Points report.


  • Added qualifying time to the lineup calculation report to give users visibility into the tiebreaker when calculating a lineup by passing points with ties broken by qualifying time.
  • Updated the lineup calculation for Heat Passing Points (Ties to Low Heat) to break ties based on qualifying time.


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