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Creating Lineups with MyRacePass

With MyRacePass lineups can be created with a few clicks. We have multiple formats to create lineups and are always adding more. Lets get started!

Once your entry list is complete, you can click the “Create Lineups” button and select the "Heat Lineups" option to start the lineup generation process.

Heat Lineups

This will open the “Create Lineups” window. If you have not created Heat races the system will ask how many Heats you’d like to have. Here you can select from multiple Lineup Types. We are using a Pill Draw in this demonstration, which will use the pill draw for each driver in the entry list.

Pill Draw

Once Lineups are created you will be shown a preview of the Lineups. This lets you do any fine tuning that may be needed (If someone requests to start in the back)
Once done here, Click the “Save Lineups” button.

Save Lineups

The Lineup Creation wizard will now close, and your lineups will be saved to the system.

Lineups Done

Now we can move onto results!

Zach Calmus
Co-founder/Developer at Driver Websites and MyRacePass

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