Feature Updates

February 2020 Release Notes



  • Added hotlaps to the list of race types returned by the API.
  • Modified the Save as Lineups function in Race Management to not save empty lineups.
  • Modified the Simple Results report to include result modifier data such as DNS and DNF.


  • Added a network setting in Race Management to enable or disable automatically the saving of calculated lineups in Lineups mode.
  • Added a feature to persist the setting for competitors not eligible for points when recalculating a points group.


  • Improved the push notification system for cancelled events to avoid sending unnecessary messages to fans.
  • Added the competitor suffix to the live fan viewer display.
  • Added a keyword system to MRP Live that will automatically set the fan viewer mode to Best Lap when viewing a qualifying or hot laps race.


  • Made the Forgot Password link more easily accessible on the Login page.
  • Added the Confirm Password field to all pages where a user sets a password to reduce the chances of entering a bad password.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when changing to specific seasons from a registrants view in Season Management.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pre-entries to be included in the Entries count on the Season Management single event view.

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