Feature Updates

March 2021 Release Notes



  • Added labels for DNS, DNF and DQ to the Points/Pay by Race report.
  • Added driver suffix to the name shared in lineup and result posts to social media.
  • Added the ability for series networks to sell tickets.
  • Added the ability to attribute points to a different event in Season Management so users can backdate points due to postponement.


  • Added a Watch page to view upcoming events being broadcast.
  • Added a RELATED TICKETS widget to desktop event profiles.


  • Added the ability to create online registrations for multi-day events.
  • Added a network setting to skip membership checks when entering competitors in Race Management.
  • Added the ability for tracks and series to check for required memberships when entering competitors in Race Management.
  • Added an option to exclude or include a competitor based on license status when calculating points.
  • Added Payment Type and Payment Amount fields to competitor entries in Race Management.


  • Added file downloads to individual online registrations in Season Management.
  • Added the ability to set points and pay eligibility separately when calculating points in Race Management.
  • Added a column that counts the number of events a competitor has raced.
  • Added a feature to Race Management that will automatically update a competitor’s transponder number if a mismatch is detected when importing results.
  • Added a report that presents results by contingency type.
  • Added a report to audit event registration payments for a single or multi-day event.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug on some team schedule pages that caused the year selection menu to not be displayed.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some event descriptions to not be displayed on responsive site schedules.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause registration confirmation emails to use the global class name rather than the network’s class name override.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a schedule for an upcoming year to not be displayed on a driver profile if none of the events included results.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when editing a series profile.

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