What is MyRacePass?

MyRacePass is owned by CAVAHO, LLC, which was founded by three friends in 2008. Ross VanEck of Woodstock, Minnesota, Zach Calmus of Howard, South Dakota, and Josh Holt of Webster, South Dakota, came together in late 2007 with an idea to get technology into the motorsports industry. Both Ross and Zach have been producing websites since 2005 and Josh started in the motorsports industry as a driver at the age of 6 racing go-karts.

With the vast development and computer networking knowledge of Zach Calmus and Ross VanEck and the marketing background and motorsports experience of former track promoter and race driver Josh Holt, they started the company Driver Websites in 2008. The three quickly became recognized as the owners of the fastest growing web development company in all of Motorsports producing nearly 500 websites across the world by late 2014 for all genres of motorsports, including many different areas of business.

MyRacePass was formulated as a company in late 2014 and is now considered "The Ultimate Racing Resource." MyRacePass brings all racing related content together and distributes it back through the network via tagged drivers, tracks, racing series/associations, and motorsports related businesses. MyRacePass specializes with their official MyRacePass App available on Google Play or the App Store along with Racer Website Development, Race Track/Race Series Website Development, Track and Series Race Management Systems, Hero Cards, Event Posters/Flyers, Dropship Apparel, and just about anything else related to motorsports. Drivers, Track Promoters, Series Directors and Business Owners all have many options and tools to use through MyRacePass.

In the fall of 2015, MyRacePass and Driver Websites joined forces and the company moved forward using the MyRacePass name. Shortly after the merge, MyRacePass acquired the company, Winners Circle Software, Inc., which was the company that created the Speednet Direct website and Speednet Race Management Software. Following the merger and Speednet acquisition, the originally Sioux Falls, South Dakota, based tech company moved their office headquarters to Lincoln, Nebraska, which is denoted the "Silicon Prairie" of the United States due to the vast amount of tech companies calling the Lincoln area home.

MyRacePass strives to produce the most data packed motorsports network in the world and continues to keep the strong name throughout their industry due to their superior product and excellent customer service. From a series director of the largest racing organization in the world to a weekly race fan, MyRacePass has a service and product for you.

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