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Minnesota Missile Monday: Speedweek Opened at Thunder Hill


KC Sparks

Minnesota Missile Monday: Speedweek Opened at Thunder Hill

Minnesota Missile Monday: Speedweek Opened at Thunder Hill
Thunder Hill Speedway; Menomonie, WI
August 9, 2021
By : Stephanie Sparks

The Dirt Kart Speedweek for 1KC Motorsports kicked off at Thunder Hill Speedway just outside Menomonie, WI with a two day show that drew 35 Jr. Wing karts the first day.

The event format saw two rounds of heat races with the top twelve in finishing points making it directly to the A feature. The remaining karts ran a pair of B features with the top two from each making the transfer to the $200 to win.

Round one heat winners were Ameila Eisenschenk, Peyton Johnson, Laela Eisenschenk and Wyatt Miller.

The second round of heats with the inverted starting lineups were won by Ameila Eisenschenk, Charlie Olsen, Blake Adams, and Connor Bruss.

The transfers out of the B features making up the last two rows of the field were Tylar Alton and Maddie Hale from the first race. Carson Berglund and Cameron Bowling made the transfer out of the second B.

The sixteen kart field was filled and Amelia Eisenschenk earned the pole from her pair of heat wins. Johnson started alongside on the front row. Amelia took the lead going into turn one with her sister Laela Eisenschenk following closely to the inside of Johnson and into second place. Bruss and Miller were the top five after the opening circuit.

Back in the field, karts were swapping lines and positions two and three wide at times. Some of the great battles on the track saw KC Sparks drive under Carson Berglund and Drew Alton to move him up to eighth.

Johnson claimed the runner up position from Leala Eisenschenk and the top two put some distance on the heated battle for the podium with Laela holding a slight edge over Bruss, Adams, Ellie Hensley, Miller and a closing Sparks. Bruss drove deep into turn one under Laela only to have her cross over and reclaim the position.

This allowed the pack to bunch up even more as Laela got hung on the outside while Bruss, Adams, and Hensley went into turn one FOUR WIDE!! Something had to give and it was the boys as Laela and Hensley pulled ahead down the backstretch only to have Bruss and Adams split her going into turn three.

The next lap saw Miller and Hensley swap positions at least three times while Sparks closed in on them. Miller took the position while Sparks looked to the inside of Hensley and Bowling drove to the outside in a three-wide battle.

Out front, Ameila Eisenschenk was fending off challenges from Johnson. Adams drove around the top side of Laela to take third and Bruss also made his way around her putting Miller in striking distance of the top five.

Miller drove it hard into turn four, tangling with Laela causing both to spin out. Berglund and Sparks had incidental contact as they drove into the turn but everyone was able to continue with Laela being charged and sent to the tail.

On the restart, Ameila paced the field into turn one where Johnson stuck his nose under her causing her kart to get crossed in front of the field. Bruss was under Adams and ended up tagging Ameila pointing her back down the track and bouncing down the track forcing Miller low. The drivers scrambled out of turn two with Bowling squeezing past on the high side and Sparks charging out of the middle.

Johnson had the lead as the white flag flew with Adams close in tow. Adams made one final challenge to the outside of Johnson out of turn four to the checkered flag but came up just short.

Bowling was the hard charger coming from the B feature to finish on the podium in third. Sparks and Hensley rounded out the top five. Tylar Alton, Amelia Eisenschenk, Miller, Bruss, and Berglund rounded out the top ten.

The Thunder Hill Nationals continued with night two where the field of Jr. Wing/Box Stock grew to 37 karts. The format remained the same with the two heat races, twin B mains, and the A Feature.

Round one heat race winners were Karter Beattie from Concord, NC, Blaine Iverson out of Galesville, WI, Autumn Frandsen from Owatonna, MN and night one feature winner, Peyton Johnson from Unionville, NC.

The second round of heats saw Beaver Creek, MN driver KC Sparks pick up heat one. Connor Bruss from Nelson, MN won heat two, Blake Adams charged through the field to pick up heat three and Ameila Eisenschenk from West Fargo, ND claimed the final heat race win.

Transfers from the B Mains were Ellie Hensley and Charlie Olsen from the first race. Carson Berglund and Cam Panitzke transferred out of the second B to fill the 16 kart field.

The A Feature was paced to the green by Blake Adams and Peyton Johnson. Several cautions flew before a lap was eventually scored. The top two took off with Karter Beattie in close contention while the rest of the field sorted themselves out.

Adams and Johnson battled back and forth with the lead duo bringing out a caution when Johnson drove up on the rear of Adams forcing them to stop to get separated. Adams retained the top position while Johnson was sent to the tail.

Big movers in the event were Laela Eisneschenk and Tylar Alton who moved up from their 10th and 12th starting positions.

In the final closing laps, Adams would clinch another Thunder Hill Nationals title with the win. Amelia Eisenschenk held off challenges from Beattie and Cameron Bowling with Laela Eisenschenk finishing in the top five.

Tylar Alton, Bruss, Frandsen, Berglund, and Blaine Iverson were the top ten.

1KC Motorsports Upcoming Schedule:
8/9: English Creek Nationals
8/10: English Creek Nationals
8/14: Golden Spike Speedway

2021 Partner/Sponsor Appreciation
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YTD Stats:
Shows: 41.5
Wins: 8
Top 3: 17
Top 10: 35
Heat Wins: 12 out of 50
Quick Times: 0 out of 13

Article Credit: Stephanie Sparks

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