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Chris Hawn

Chris Hawn
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RECAP: The 2nd Annual Spooky 150


Circle City Raceway

RECAP: The 2nd Annual Spooky 150

It was a great Halloween weekend to close out the 2023 season here at Circle City Raceway for the 2nd Annual Norton Transport Spooky 150! Taking place over Friday and Saturday, we had 8 classes of racing, a grub getter, and lots of Halloween activities taking place including a live band, trick or treating, and a costume contest! Thanks to our crew for moving things along quickly Saturday, we managed to beat the incoming rain and get through all 8 classes by 9:30PM! Here's how the races went down:
(Note: There were originally 9 classes scheduled, but low car counts for the Outlaw Micros caused us to group those that showed up with the TQ Midgets)

SHERCO Group UMP Modifieds:
Overall best qualifying - Brayden Watson 14.471

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Jeff Deckard
Heat 2: Jordan Weaver
Heat 3: Brayden Watson

Feature -
1st: Brayden Watson
2nd: Dylan Woodling
3rd: Jeff Deckard

TQ Midgets:
Overall best qualifying - Logan Prickett 14.395

Feature -
1st: Logan Prickett
2nd: Adam Bolyard
3rd: Nate Ervin

Crown Vics:
Overall best qualifying - Doug Cooper 17.004

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Chris Hawn
Heat 2: Jeff Roberts

Feature -
1st: Jeff Roberts
2nd: Adam Brown
3rd: Josh Spence

Overall best qualifying - Abby Stierwalt 16.803

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Corey Prince
Heat 2: Cordell Moore

Feature -
1st: Cordell Moore
2nd: Michael Brewer
3rd: Corey Prince

Pure Stocks:
Overall best qualifying - Brendan Mounce 16.116

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Keaton Streeval
Heat 2: Brendan Mounce

Feature -
1st: Keaton Streeval
2nd: Mickey Hines
3rd: Ryan Coley

Super Stocks:
Overall best qualifying - Sheldon Oberle 14.847

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Sheldon Oberle
Heat 2: Blake Hull
Heat 3: Kenny Carmichael Sr

Feature -
1st: Blake Hull
2nd: Braiden Keller
3rd: Sheldon Oberle

Steel Block Sprints:
Overall best qualifying - Michael Clark 14.385

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Michael Clark
Heat 2: Tyler Miller
Heat 3: Eric Wilke

Feature -
1st: Tyler Miller
2nd: Tres Mehler
3rd: Michael Clark

IMCA Racesaver Sprints:
Overall fastest hot lap - Rod Henning 12.934

Heat Race Winners -
Heat 1: Rod Henning
Heat 2: Kevin Newton

Feature -
1st: Kevin Newton
2nd: Rod Henning
3rd: Alfred Galedrige Jr

Article Credit: Morgan Ivey

Submitted By: Donna VanMeter

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