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Jake Dimond
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Hample, Hurd, Petroff and George Claim Championships at Billings Motorsports Park


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Hample, Hurd, Petroff and George Claim Championships at Billings Motorsports Park

Inside Line Promotions – BILLINGS, Mont. (Aug. 29, 2016) – Four track champions earned their crown last Saturday at Billings Motorsports Park.

Kelly Hample captured the late model title with Dennis Hurd winning the midwest modifieds class, Robert Petroff the street stocks division and Jason George the super stocks division.

The night wasn’t a breeze for George, who ran into mechanical woes on the final lap of a make-up super stocks feature from a rain out on Aug. 6. George coasted across the line to score a third-place result.

With an issue too large to fix, George hustled into town to pick up his back-up race car for Saturday night’s complete show. He returned in time to run a heat race and finish fifth in the A Main to secure his second track championship.

Ryan Fasching swept the two super stocks features. Jeremy Meirhofer, George, Jordan Tocci and Vance Lorenz rounded out the top five in the make-up feature with Lorenz, Meirhofer, Tocci and George finishing second through fifth, respectively, during the final points race.

Jim Harris charged from seventh to claim the late models main event win over 12th starting Dan Henrikson with Chris Dunn placed third, Jason Storbakken fourth and 15th starting Rayce McCord fifth.

Jake Dimond maneuvered from eighth to capture the midwest modifieds triumph. Cal Rossner finished second, Hurd third, 12th starting John Miner fourth and Tyson Kern placed fifth.

Cory Craver advanced from seventh to win the street stocks feature. Kenneth Hunter ended second with Joey Tinker third, Lyle Imberi fourth and Petroff fifth to secure his first career track championship.

Billings Motorsports Park will be off this weekend before welcoming the Dan Laber Memorial and NSA Shootout featuring 360ci winged sprint cars, sport sprints and midwest modifieds on Sept. 9-10.

Race Report: Billings Motorsports Park in Billings, Mont., on Aug. 27, 2016 –


A Feature: 1. 17-Jim Harris (7); 2. 97-Dan Henrikson (12); 3. 0-Chris Dunn (5); 4. 16-Jason Storbakken (6); 5. 27-Rayce McCord (15); 6. 50-Teddy Hample (3); 7. 32m-Jeremy Meirhofer (14); 8. 85-Richard Haberstroh (11); 9. 36-Kelly Hample (3); 10. 12-Dwayne Fowler (9); 11. 5-Bradley Kerrison (2); 12. 21-Jeannette Jensen (16); 13. 59-Mike McCord (10); 14. 14-Kenneth Helman Jr. (17); 15. 24-Tim Ames (18); 16. 88-John Lighthizer (4); 17. 15-Cody Storbakken (1); 18. 55k-Kinzer McCord (13).


A Feature: 1. 76-Jake Dimond (8); 2. 73-Cal Rossner (4); 3. 99-Dennis Hurd (6); 4. 4-John Miner (12); 5. 11-Tyson Kern (3); 6. 15-Dennis Kenaston (7); 7. 4r-Bill Carey (13); 8. 19k-Brandon Kern (11); 9. 218-Jeremy Weber (1); 10. 37-Karl Weaver (10); 11. 37w-Randi Weaver (16); 12. 2-Rod Lorenz (5); 13. 88-Dayne Kocher (9); 14. 76-Kyle Ninker (14); 15. 214-Jake Marisch (15); 16. 54-Mitch Ferguson (2); 17. 71k-Cody Kuglin (18); 18. 8-Steven Stephenson (DNS).


A Feature: 1. 21-Ryan Fasching (7); 2. 7-Vance Lorenz (5); 3. 32m-Jeremy Meirhofer (8); 4. 2c-Jordan Tocci (9); 5. 57-Jason George (4); 6. 12-Ty Clemens (6); 7. 17-Ed Berger (3); 8. 44-Steven Mackenzie (10); 9. 11-Jeff Petroff (11); 10. 22-Brian Castillo (1); 11. 76-Doug Blair (2); 12. 29-Jace Lorenz (13); 13. 67-Thomas May (DNS).


A Feature: 1. 21-Cory Craver (7); 2. 69-Kenneth Hunter (5); 3. 14-Joey Tinker (8); 4. 166-Lyle Imberi (3); 5. 11-Robert Petroff (6); 6. 82-James Garretson (2); 7. 26-Kaycie Kynett (10); 8. 00-Grant Gary (1); 9. 8-Troy Lorenz (4); 10. 4j-Gary Angell (9); 11. 64-David Gleaton (13); 12. 327-Richard Prisbe (14); 13. 76-Scott Salsbury (11); 14. 30-Bob Gordon (12); 15. 29-Devin Kenaston (DNS); 16. 24-Jason Angell (DNS).

SUPER STOCKS (Make-Up Race From Aug. 6)

A Feature: 1. 21-Ryan Fasching (3); 2. 32m-Jeremy Meirhofer (6); 3. 57-Jason George (4); 4. 2c-Jordan Tocci (7); 5. 7-Vance Lorenz (5); 6. 76-Doug Blair (8); 7. 17-Ed Berger (1); 8. 44-Steven Mackenzie (11); 9. 9l-Jace Lorenz (9); 10. 67-Thomas May (10); 11. 9-RC Geiss (2); 12. 67s-Casey Stephenson (12).


Sept. 9-10 for the Dan Laber Memorial and NSA Shootout featuring 360ci winged sprint cars, sport sprints and midwest modifieds


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Billings Motorsports Park is a semi-banked, 3/8-mile oval located in Billings, Mont. The track hosts weekly racing, featuring modifieds, street stocks, super stocks, midwest modifieds and special sprint car and late model events, from the middle of May through late September. For more information, visit http://www.BMPSpeedway.com.


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