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Gondik Law Speedway


By Jerry O'Brien 6-7-19 Superior, WI
The second event on the Advantage RV Modified Tour moved from the
smallest of the four tracks scheduled on it's northern swing to the largest as they
invaded the four tenths mile Gondik Law Speedway in Superior, WI. Not only was
the track much bigger than the Grand Rapids Speedway but the weather was over
thirty degrees cooler along the shores of Lake Superior.
The car count grew by only four cars to twenty-nine but the make up of the
field was vastly different as local and area racers that were missing the previous
night filled out the field joining the travelers who are following the entire series.
It was a busy night as, joining the Modified Tour racers were WISSOTA Super
Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Pure Stocks as well as a rare appearance by the
WISSOTA Hornet division bumping the car count to nintey-one.
After qualifying heats and B Features were completed, the first division to roll
onto the speedway for their 20 lap main event were the WISSOTA Super Stocks as
thirteen of sixteen were able to make the call. On the Pole Position was defending
track champion Kevin Burdick with opening night feature winner DJ Keeler on the
outside. Keeler out dragged Burdick to the lead at the green but Burdick came
back to blow by Keeler taking a lead he would never relinquish as he led the next
nineteen laps for the win. Keeler lost ground to Burdick as Matt Deragon, Doug
Koski and Keith Kern squabbled amongst themselves for position. Shane Sabraski
moved in from the fourth row and joined those trying to track down Burdick.
Four laps in the caution flag flew for a tangle between Matt Hammitt and Kyle
Copp in turn two. Burdick maintained his lead on the restart, but an incident
occurred on the back stretch near the entrance to turn three when Deargon hooked
Keeler turning him head on into the wall. While attention was focused on the
incident cars began dropping out for various ills until the restart still with sixteen
laps to go saw only seven cars able to continue. Burdick immediately began
putting distance on a field that was reduced to heat race size. Now the battle for
second was between Koski, Kern and the always dangerous Sabraski. Copp waas
left to deal with Deragon while Rita Anderson brought up the rear. Sabraski finally
got by Kern after a late caution for debris gave him a shot. He final order behind
winner Kevin Burdick was Sabraski, Kern, Koski and Deragon in the top five.
Nexty it was 20 laps for the Midwest Modifieds led to the green by David
Simpson and Gunner Peterson. Peterson got hole shot but all for naught as a five
car pileup in turn three set the tone for the early part of the event. Everyone
emerged from the scuffle able to continue but Mack Estey was charged with the
stoppage. The next try for a start didn't fare much better as the caution flag again
flew when Mack Estey and Justin Bassa got tied up in turn two. This one was also
blamed on Estey and just like that last week's feature winner was sidelined. On the
restart Peterson took the lead dogged by George Dalbeck, Simpson, Cole
Chernosky and Jack Rivord. Brandon Copp and Andrew Inman were also in the
mix. A couple of laps later Dalbeck got a run on Peterson and took the point while
Chernosky got by Simpson into third and Copp landed in fifth. Peterson's strong
run ended when he brought out caution flag number three by sliding sideways on
his own in turn two. On the restart all was well until the caution flag appeared for
a four car incident, this time in turn four. Officials patiently lined up the sixteen
cars that were left of the twenty starters only to see caution flag number five fly for
debris on the track. The restart saw the remainder of the field suddenly calm down
and, with Dalbeck firmly entrenched at the point, the event reeled off fifteen
consecutive caution ffree laps to the checkered flag. Simpson, Chernosky, Copp
and Skeeter Estey stayed in that order lap after lap until Estey found his way past
Copp to fourth and further back Inman got by Rivord for sixth. Strong runs were
turned in by Shane Howell who came from sixteenth to eighth, Craig Lofdahl
fourteenth to ninth and hard charger award winner Wyatt Boyum's run from
twentieth to tenth.
The Pure Stocks ran a dozen laps in their feature next and Cory Jorgenson led
all of them for his first win at the speedway this season. After an early caution flag
for a spin by James Vendela in turn one, the race went to the checkered flag
without another slowdown. Jorgenson drove off to a big lead while Aaron Bernick
and Jared Akervik swapped second position for several laps. After a poor
performance opening night, Dylan Shelton pulled it all together and charged up
from the third row to to nab third at the checkered flag. Bernick won out for the
second spot only to lose it in the tech area as he was disqualified for a rules
infraction moving Shelton up to second Vendela, Akervik and newcomer Michael
Roth rounded out the top five.
The Hornet ten lap feature got off to a bad start as Kyle House jumped the
initial start and was penalized back to the second row from the pole. Jake Smith
then grabbed the lead at the green and never looked back as he completed his
second sweep of the weekend. Tyler Kashinske then latched on to second place
and rode it all the way to the finish. House, Hunter McDougall and Paul Ripley
finished in the top five.
Then it was time for what the crowd had been waiting for all evening. Forty
laps of rock ‘em sock ‘em Advantage RV Modified action. The redraw saw Dave
Cain secure the pole position with local favorite veteran race Al Uotinen on his
outside. Throughout the night's action the outside starting spot had proved to be
quickest on starts and Uotinen took advantage as he got the jump on Cain and led
the first three circuits as Cain fought off Andy Jones. Danny Vang and Modified
rookie Paul Suzik battled just ahead of Johnny broking and Jody Bellefeuille.
Vang got away from Suzik, got by Jones and Cain into second the first of two
caution flags flew and the incident was charged to current series point leader Dan
Ebert who's chances of winning back to back features was dealt a serious blow as
he was sent to the tail. The restart came with thirty-seven laps remaining. Vang
made the most of his chance and began to pull away steadily away from Uotinen
who stubbornly clung to the second position. Further back Shane sabraski got by
Cain to third while Jones dealt with Broking. The up front order remained the
same lap after lap as Vang moved further and further away from the second place
battle. Meanwhile, Sabraski finally edged past Uotinen who was just ahead of
Cain. But cain had his own problems in the form of Johnny Broking who had
disposed of Jones while Kelly Estey and Jody Bellefeuille began to make their
moves climbing steadily forward. Despite his best efforts Uotinen began to slowly
lose ground as Broking moved to third. As the laps wound down who should
appear almost unnoticed in tenth place but Dan Ebert. Up front Vang. Who had
been almost out of sight, found traffic a heavy burden and Sabraski began to close
up until he was amybe four car lengths behind. It was shaping up to be a good
battle fro the win with eight laps to go when trouble struck. The second caution
flag flew for trouble in turn four. That set everyone in the top ten up for an eight
lap heat race like dash for positions and the win. The first attempt at a start wss
waved off as Brody Strachan looped his #99 in turn two. At the green Vang
desperately tried to hold off a determined Sabraski and did so for about a lap but
was unable to stay in front as he saw the win slip through his fingers. The
scrambling behind the leaders saw Jones rebound to get past Cain into third while
Bellefeuille and Estey along with Jeremy Nelson and Uotinen jostled for position.
Caution number three appeared when Suzik fetched up against the second turn
wall. The restart came with four laps remaining and Sabraski was in control. But it
was go time and everything behind him was up for grabs. Bellefeuille made one of
his patented late race charges and flew past everyone to challenge Sabraski but
came up a bit short and had to settle fro runner up. Cain also made a charge to
finish third while Johnny Broking towed Jeremy Nelson into the top five. Jones
held onto sixth while Ebert's bid for another win fell short at seventh after a great
drive from the back of the pack. Uotinen was eighth in one of his strongest runs in
a while. Estey was ninth and Cody Wolkowski finished tenth in his first visit of
the season to the speedway. Former WISSOTA National Modified Champion
Mike Stearns secured the Hard Charger Award for his run from twenty-first to

Article Credit: Jerry O'Brien

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