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Fuller Fires Back, Defending Champ Grabs Can-Am 358 Modified Checkers


Can-Am Speedway

Fuller Fires Back, Defending Champ Grabs Can-Am 358 Modified Checkers

It was a perfect night for racing this past Friday night at the Can-Am Speedway as Mother Nature gave the speedway perfect weather and perfect track conditions for all five divisions. It was also Five Dollar Night, which also saw a packed grandstand.

The night kicked off with the Donath Motorworx Limited Sportsman and Brady Howard led early in the 12 lap feature go. Howard had a fast car but Logan Brown was on the charge and looking to remain perfect in his Limited Sportsman career. Brown took the lead on lap 6 and began to drive away as Howard held off Genavieve Bartlett for the second spot. On lap 7 Howard would drop out with mechanical problems. On the final restart Logan Brown was able to pull away with ease to score his second win in is second ever start. Kyle Reif crossed the line in second ahead of Bartlett, Gage Howard and Anthony Brownell.

Former track champion Tony Frezzo led the 15 lap Sundance Leisure Thundercar feature with Damien Bechler and OJ White right there to challenge. On lap 4 Bechler would take over the top spot and had a fast car to stay in front. Meanwhile Francis White, who was celebrating his birthday on this night, was on the charge and got to the number two spot getting by Frezzo, then tried to run down Bechler for the lead. It appeared Bechler was going to hold Francis White at bay but the caution flew on lap 13. On the restart Bechler did what was needed to score the win, his first of the year. White crossed in second over Tony Frezzo, Michael Greenfield and Jared Gilson.

Andy Howard was the early pace setter at the start of the Whitesboro Plowshop DIRTCar 358 Modified feature with Ryan Arbuthnot, Chris Raabe, Larry Welling Jr. and Preston Forbes chasing him. Howard led until lap 6 when 2019 track champion Arbuthnot took over the lead and began to put on a driving clinic, as he pulled away from the field. Raabe was strong on this night as he put the pressure on Howard for the runner up spot, eventually getting the position on lap 10, but another driver was also on his way to the front and would a factor in the outcome of the race. Three time and defending track champion Tim Fuller started 12th and was in the top 5 at the halfway point, but his charge never stopped. He took third from Andy Howard on lap 12 then took second from Raabe, but still had a big gap to make up as the laps clicked off. Arbuthnot was in total control and looking for his first win since August 23rd of 2019 at Can Am, when the yellow flew on lap 21 as Andy Howard spun in turn two while running in the 5th position. On the final restart Ryan Arbuthnot did all he could to fend off Fuller, however on lap 22 Tim Fuller made the winning pass in turn three as he get by for the top spot. From there it was on to victory lane as Tim Fuller scored his 43rd career Can-Am Modified win. Arbuthnot crossed in second ahead of Chris Raabe, Preston Forbes and Larry Welling Jr.

The start of the 20 lap Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTCar Sportsman feature saw three yellows in the opening laps slow the race. Once that was over with, Ryan Shanahan was the story of the night. The Carthage native took the lead on lap 5 as Brennan Moore, Tyler Corcoran, Mike Fowler and Eric Nier were battling in the top 5 early on. Shanahan was on cruise control through the first half of the race as he opened up nearly a straightaway advantage over the rest of the field. Tyler Corcoran and Brennan Moore were putting on a show trading 2nd and 3rd for a number of laps, before Corcoran was able to make the pass on lap 16, but still had a long way to go to catch Shanahan, who was working through the lapped cars without trouble. Even with a fast car and no caution flags, Tyler Corcoran Brennan Moore and the rest of the field had no chance of catching Ryan Shanahan on this night as he dominated to grab win number one of the Golden Jubilee Season. Corcoran settled for second with Mike Fowler third. Gavin Eisele charged from 11th grab a 4th place finish, his second top 5 finish in a row, while Brennan Moore held on for 5th.

The battle for the 20 lap Panther Frameworx Crate Sprint Car feature came down to a pair of drivers. Andrew Hennessey led the way early, but two time and defending track champion Josh Verne Jr. was on the charge and looking for a win after a runner up finish the previous week. On lap 6 Verne took the lead away and was able to go unchallenged the remainder of the race to score his first win of the year and 12th Crate Sprint Car win in three seasons at Can Am. Ken Klinkowski scored a career best second with Andrew Hennessey, George Sanford and Tucker Donath completing the top 5.

The Golden Jubilee Season takes a week off next Friday night but will return to action on Friday May 17th for a full program in all five classes and it is Youth Sports Night at the speedway. Hot laps start shortly after 6pm with the first green flag of the night at 7pm.

Say tuned to what is happening at the track on our website at racecanam.com. For instant updates be sure to give the track a follow on Facebook.

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 19-Tim Fuller[12]; 2. R70-Ryan Arbuthnot[10]; 3. 01-Chris Raabe[5]; 4. 45R-Preston Forbes[8]; 5. 21JR-Larry Welling[2]; 6. 18W-Scott Webb[14]; 7. 31-Lance Willix[19]; 8. 1-Jack Meeks[7]; 9. 44-Johnathon Ferguson[16]; 10. 7S-Shaun Shaw[13]; 11. 49-Billy Dunn[17]; 12. 57H-Remington Hamm[15]; 13. 9-Tyler Meeks[11]; 14. 39-Ryan Bartlett[22]; 15. 74-Lucas Fuller[20]; 16. 27W-Nick Webb[6]; 17. 26-Michael Mandigo[3]; 18. 28-Jordan McCreadie[21]; 19. 3M-Franklin Mackin[24]; 20. 21R-RJ Tresidder[26]; 21. 66W-Derek Webb[27]; 22. 36B-Dan Beachard[25]; 23. 23-Cameron Black[4]; 24. 6-Brian Hudson[23]; 25. (DNF) 21-Andrew Howard[1]; 26. (DNF) 23J-Jeff Sykes[9]; 27. (DNF) 38J-Jarrett Herbison[18]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Andrew Howard[1]; 2. R70-Ryan Arbuthnot[6]; 3. 1-Jack Meeks[3]; 4. 23-Cameron Black[2]; 5. 7S-Shaun Shaw[5]; 6. 44-Johnathon Ferguson[9]; 7. 31-Lance Willix[8]; 8. 39-Ryan Bartlett[7]; 9. 36B-Dan Beachard[4]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 01-Chris Raabe[2]; 2. 21JR-Larry Welling[1]; 3. 45R-Preston Forbes[3]; 4. 23J-Jeff Sykes[4]; 5. 18W-Scott Webb[5]; 6. 49-Billy Dunn[8]; 7. 74-Lucas Fuller[7]; 8. 6-Brian Hudson[9]; 9. 21R-RJ Tresidder[6]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 27W-Nick Webb[2]; 2. 26-Michael Mandigo[1]; 3. 19-Tim Fuller[7]; 4. 9-Tyler Meeks[6]; 5. 57H-Remington Hamm[4]; 6. 38J-Jarrett Herbison[8]; 7. 28-Jordan McCreadie[9]; 8. 3M-Franklin Mackin[3]; 9. 66W-Derek Webb[5]

Hot Laps (3 Laps): 1. 01-Chris Raabe, 00:19.118[16]; 2. 21-Andrew Howard, 00:19.187[11]; 3. 3M-Franklin Mackin, 00:19.309[13]; 4. 36B-Dan Beachard, 00:19.354[3]; 5. 21R-RJ Tresidder, 00:19.433[19]; 6. R70-Ryan Arbuthnot, 00:19.479[1]; 7. 44-Johnathon Ferguson, 00:19.488[6]; 8. 45R-Preston Forbes, 00:19.554[7]; 9. 21JR-Larry Welling, 00:19.555[23]; 10. 18W-Scott Webb, 00:19.642[22]; 11. 23J-Jeff Sykes, 00:19.686[18]; 12. 7S-Shaun Shaw, 00:19.700[17]; 13. 9-Tyler Meeks, 00:19.717[15]; 14. 66W-Derek Webb, 00:19.815[20]; 15. 38J-Jarrett Herbison, 00:19.884[10]; 16. 23-Cameron Black, 00:19.965[4]; 17. 74-Lucas Fuller, 00:20.003[8]; 18. 39-Ryan Bartlett, 00:20.021[2]; 19. 27W-Nick Webb, 00:20.221[21]; 20. 6-Brian Hudson, 00:20.237[12]; 21. (DNS) 49-Billy Dunn; 22. (DNS) 19-Tim Fuller; 23. (DNS) 26-Michael Mandigo; 24. (DNS) 31-Lance Willix; 25. (DNS) 57H-Remington Hamm; 26. (DNS) 28-Jordan McCreadie

Feature (20 Laps): 1. 32RS-Ryan Shanahan[1]; 2. 64-Tyler Corcoran[5]; 3. 410-Mike Fowler[7]; 4. 18-Gavin Eisele[11]; 5. 35B-Brennan Moore[3]; 6. 34-Eric Nier[2]; 7. 0-Shane Pecore[9]; 8. 22G-Gorden Clair[8]; 9. 52-Jessica Power[12]; 10. 91-Josh Reome[15]; 11. 22C-Cederic Gauvreau[20]; 12. 03-Joshua Jock[13]; 13. 34K-Keegan Nier[10]; 14. 10X-Cory Castell[14]; 15. ZERO-Xavier Andrews[19]; 16. 2-Taylor Doxtater[21]; 17. 1D-Paul DeRuyter[6]; 18. 7O7-Greg Brinklow[17]; 19. 17-Owen Nier[22]; 20. 62-Jonathan Murphy[4]; 21. 621G-Trevor Gibbons[16]; 22. 7D-Dustin Hutton[18]; 23. 35D-Dylan Moore[24]; 24. 18G-Justin Gadbaw[27]; 25. 5R-Steve Roberts[26]; 26. (DNF) 92-Frank Sibley[23]; 27. (DNF) 1W-Brad reif[25]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 32RS-Ryan Shanahan[3]; 2. 62-Jonathan Murphy[4]; 3. 410-Mike Fowler[6]; 4. 34K-Keegan Nier[2]; 5. 03-Joshua Jock[1]; 6. 621G-Trevor Gibbons[8]; 7. ZERO-Xavier Andrews[9]; 8. 17-Owen Nier[5]; 9. 1W-Brad reif[7]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 34-Eric Nier[2]; 2. 64-Tyler Corcoran[8]; 3. 22G-Gorden Clair[1]; 4. 18-Gavin Eisele[7]; 5. 10X-Cory Castell[3]; 6. 7O7-Greg Brinklow[4]; 7. 22C-Cederic Gauvreau[9]; 8. 92-Frank Sibley[5]; 9. 5R-Steve Roberts[6]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 35B-Brennan Moore[4]; 2. 1D-Paul DeRuyter[1]; 3. 0-Shane Pecore[9]; 4. 52-Jessica Power[3]; 5. 91-Josh Reome[5]; 6. 7D-Dustin Hutton[6]; 7. 2-Taylor Doxtater[2]; 8. 35D-Dylan Moore[8]; 9. 18G-Justin Gadbaw[7]

Hot Laps (3 Laps): 1. 410-Mike Fowler, 00:20.152[9]; 2. 34-Eric Nier, 00:20.262[18]; 3. 0-Shane Pecore, 00:20.308[21]; 4. 52-Jessica Power, 00:20.376[22]; 5. 64-Tyler Corcoran, 00:20.401[5]; 6. ZERO-Xavier Andrews, 00:20.433[1]; 7. 22G-Gorden Clair, 00:20.482[4]; 8. 32RS-Ryan Shanahan, 00:20.506[26]; 9. 18-Gavin Eisele, 00:20.590[8]; 10. 62-Jonathan Murphy, 00:20.610[17]; 11. 35B-Brennan Moore, 00:20.616[15]; 12. 1D-Paul DeRuyter, 00:20.627[6]; 13. 22C-Cederic Gauvreau, 00:20.700[11]; 14. 7O7-Greg Brinklow, 00:20.739[2]; 15. 03-Joshua Jock, 00:20.741[14]; 16. 5R-Steve Roberts, 00:20.871[25]; 17. 7D-Dustin Hutton, 00:20.903[13]; 18. 34K-Keegan Nier, 00:20.963[19]; 19. 91-Josh Reome, 00:20.993[24]; 20. 17-Owen Nier, 00:21.017[20]; 21. 35D-Dylan Moore, 00:21.037[16]; 22. 2-Taylor Doxtater, 00:21.108[7]; 23. 621G-Trevor Gibbons, 00:21.140[12]; 24. 10X-Cory Castell, 00:21.186[3]; 25. (DNS) 18G-Justin Gadbaw; 26. (DNS) 1W-Brad reif; 27. (DNS) 92-Frank Sibley

Feature (20 Laps): 1. 1V-Josh Verne Jr[2]; 2. 30-Ken Klinkowsky[4]; 3. 87-Andrew Hennessy[1]; 4. 25-George Sanford[5]; 5. Z28-Tucker Donath[3]; 6. (DNS) 271-Tiger Chapman

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 87-Andrew Hennessy[4]; 2. 1V-Josh Verne Jr[5]; 3. Z28-Tucker Donath[6]; 4. 30-Ken Klinkowsky[3]; 5. 25-George Sanford[2]; 6. (DNF) 271-Tiger Chapman[1]

Hot Laps (3 Laps): 1. 1V-Josh Verne Jr, 00:18.804[6]; 2. Z28-Tucker Donath, 00:18.833[2]; 3. 87-Andrew Hennessy, 00:18.992[3]; 4. 25-George Sanford, 00:19.279[5]; 5. 30-Ken Klinkowsky, 00:19.552[4]; 6. (DNS) 271-Tiger Chapman

Feature (15 Laps): 1. 26B-Damien Bechler[3]; 2. 60-Francis White[9]; 3. 22F-Tony Frezzo[4]; 4. 16-Michael Greenfield[13]; 5. 22J-Jared Gilson[1]; 6. 111J-Anthony St Mary Jr[11]; 7. 72K-Kayden Paquette[8]; 8. 94-OJ White[2]; 9. 13S-Gary Sharlow[6]; 10. 61-Lyle Robinson[5]; 11. (DNS) 41-Terry Gardner; 12. (DNS) 111-Aj Stmary Sr; 13. (DNS) 22-Josh Verne Sr

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 22F-Tony Frezzo[6]; 2. 94-OJ White[3]; 3. 13S-Gary Sharlow[7]; 4. 41-Terry Gardner[5]; 5. 60-Francis White[4]; 6. 111J-Anthony St Mary Jr[1]; 7. (DNS) 16-Michael Greenfield

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 61-Lyle Robinson[4]; 2. 26B-Damien Bechler[6]; 3. 22J-Jared Gilson[1]; 4. 72K-Kayden Paquette[3]; 5. 111-Aj Stmary Sr[5]; 6. (DNS) 22-Josh Verne Sr

Hot Laps (3 Laps): 1. 22J-Jared Gilson, 00:24.847[2]; 2. 41-Terry Gardner, 00:27.827[1]; 3. 72K-Kayden Paquette, 00:29.291[3]; 4. (DNS) 61-Lyle Robinson; 5. (DNS) 111J-Anthony St Mary Jr; 6. (DNS) 111-Aj Stmary Sr; 7. (DNS) 22-Josh Verne Sr; 8. (DNS) 60-Francis White; 9. (DNS) 94-OJ White; 10. (DNS) 16-Michael Greenfield

Feature (12 Laps): 1. 9-Logan Brown[5]; 2. 1W-Kyle Reif[2]; 3. 11-Genavieve Bartlett[3]; 4. 21-Gage Howard[6]; 5. 63M-Anthony Brownell[4]; 6. 14-Camdin Cook[7]; 7. 747-Haily Brownell[8]; 8. (DNF) 54-Brady Howard[1]; 9. (DNS) 401K-Joseph Fargo

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 54-Brady Howard[1]; 2. 1W-Kyle Reif[3]; 3. 9-Logan Brown[8]; 4. 11-Genavieve Bartlett[6]; 5. 63M-Anthony Brownell[7]; 6. 21-Gage Howard[4]; 7. 14-Camdin Cook[5]; 8. 747-Haily Brownell[2]; 9. (DNS) 401K-Joseph Fargo

Hot Laps (3 Laps): 1. 54-Brady Howard, 00:20.318[7]; 2. 9-Logan Brown, 00:20.701[2]; 3. 1W-Kyle Reif, 00:21.044[9]; 4. 63M-Anthony Brownell, 00:21.515[3]; 5. 14-Camdin Cook, 00:21.759[5]; 6. 21-Gage Howard, 00:21.987[8]; 7. 11-Genavieve Bartlett, 00:22.280[1]; 8. 747-Haily Brownell, 00:26.913[4]; 9. (DNS) 401K-Joseph Fargo

Article Credit: Tim Baltz

Submitted By: Tyler & Michelle Bartlett

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