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We are happy to announce that we have once again sanctioned with IMCA for the Sport Compact, Sportmod, and Modified classes at Cottage Grove Speedway!
The updated rules for these classes are all posted on our website at, please remember that although IMCA doesn't require mufflers they are required on ALL classes at Cottage Grove Speedway including these three IMCA sanctioned classes.

As many of you know we hosted class meetings in January for each class that races here at Cottage Grove Speedway, while we are still working out some details for certain classes, we hope to have them all finalized by next week.

Below you will find a synopsis of the three sanctioned classes and some things you can expect to see in 2023!

We will start off with the Sport Compact meeting, this meeting was pretty well attended and had some great input!
A big topic during this meeting was pre-season safety checks. We are pleased to announce that for this season we will be hosting some safety check days in which our tech officials will be checking not only the safety rules of the actual car but also each drivers safety gear. We will be placing a sticker on your car to show it has passed or giving you some things that will need to be fixed before raceday.
Driver recognition was another topic and we will be doing our best to get more info to IMCA about all three of these classes at Cottage Grove, we will also be working on a fun way to introduce drivers during each classes big shows. We will also continue to do main event winner interviews after each main event win time allows!
Some other topics brought up were pit lighting, pa systems, and internet all of which we will be working on as time and resources allow.
There were a couple concerns I was asked to bring up to IMCA as well which I have done, one of which being the transponder location. I had a good talk with Dave and if we see some issues from that he would like to know and we can move forward from there.

The sportmod meeting was pretty light in attendance but still had some great input for us including line-up and restart protocols, and harsher punishments for rough driving as well as possibly bringing back the hold your line flag. There was also discussion on tech and the idea of each class having a captain that can address issues with officials on behalf of the entire class. These are all things that we will address at our officials meeting in the next few weeks.

The modified meeting only had 1 driver and crewman but they still brought us some great ideas and things to look at including some of the items mentioned during the sport compact meeting like interviewing after each main event but then also at the end of the night where friends and family can join in for pictures. Some ideas on how to keep staging a little less chaotic and for the drivers pitted in the staging vicinity to be able to return to their trailers as well as some great ideas on tech.

I want to thank everyone that took time to come to these meetings, you all had great ideas and were very respectful in your delivery as well as with each other.
Look for recaps and rules for the rest of the Cottage Grove Speedway classes to be out very soon!

See you all at the races!!

Submitted By: Heather Boyce

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