Dallon Murty wins Davenport Dirt Crown race


Davenport Speedway

Dallon Murty wins Davenport Dirt Crown race

DAVENPORT, Ia. (May 12, 2023) – The Dirt Crown East Series has been plagued by weather in its inaugural season. That plague ended Friday night at Davenport Speedway.

Dallon Murty of Chelsea, Iowa became the very first feature winner of the Dirt Crown East Series for IMCA Stock Cars presented by Kunes Nissan of Davenport. Murty took home a check for $2,000, for his efforts.

The thirty-five lap feature started with outside pole sitter Dustin Vis leading the first two laps. Third place starter Justin Kay put his vast knowledge of the Davenport track to good use leading the next twenty laps.

After a series of caution flags and restarts, Dallon Murty worked his way past Kay to assume the lead. Once in the lead, Murty ran away from the field. The 11th place starting Murty would finish more than four seconds over second place David Brandies.

Dustin Vis took third, ahead of Chanse Hollatz and Johnny Spaw.

Heat race wins went to Brandies, Spaw, and Miciah Hidlebaugh. Damon Murty won the B-feature.

Thirty-one drivers representing four states took part in the event.

Joel Callahan made the trip from Dubuque payoff with a win in the Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model division. Callahan started 12th and would not see clean racetrack until lap seventeen. Joel used the bottom of the racetrack to take the lead and then pull away from the field.

Second place finisher Matt Ryan led the first half of the main. Mired in lapped traffic Ryan was unable to catch Callahan once he was leading. Justin Kay started 10th and finished third. Andy Nezworski and Bryan Klein were fourth and fifth respectively.

Chris Zogg picked up his second Eriksen Chevrolet IMCA Modified feature win of the season. Chris grabbed the lead just before the mid-point of the twenty lap race. Zogg held off Travis Denning and a charging Spencer Diercks for the win. Denning led laps two through eight before the lead slipped away. Diercks spun on lap four, bringing out the caution flag, but stormed back to finish third. Matt Werner and Charlie Mohr rounded out the top five.

Logan Veloz, Ben Chapman, and Tony Olson have all posted wins in the Matzen Trucking IMCA SportMods at Davenport this season. This week’s feature saw Chapman and Veloz cross the stripe in a photo finish for the win. Chapman won with the thinnest of margins, 0.003 seconds. Not to be left out, Olson finished third. Ryan Reed was fourth and Todd Dykema fifth.

Jake Benischek ended Cyle Hawkins winning streak in the QCjeeps.com Sport Compacts. Jake led the feature until lap seven when Hawkins took the lead. Cyle would suddenly slow two laps later and fall back to third. Dustin Forbes moved up to finish second. Completing the first five were Roy Schmidt and Gary Schlieper.

Next up for Davenport Speedway will be the Castrol FloRacing Night in America on Wednesday, May 17th. Super Late Models will highlight the evening. $23,023 will go to the winner of the A-Main. Also racing will be IMCA Modifieds.

There will be no races at Davenport Speedway, next Friday, May 19th.


Davenport Speedway

May 12, 2023 –

Dirt Crown East Series for IMCA Stock Cars presented by Kunes Nissan

Heat #1: 1. David Brandies; 2. Dylan Thorton; 3. Dustin Vis; 4. Dustin Reeh; 5. Jacob Ellithorpe;

Heat #2: 1. Johnny Spaw; 2. Jason Bahrs; 3. Gage Neal; 4. Justin Kay; 5. Aaron Johnson;

Heat #3: 1. Miciah Hidlebaugh; 2. Lee Kinsella; 3. Kaden Reynolds; 4. Dallon Murty; 5. Jeff Struck Jr.;

Semi #1: 1. Damon Murty; 2. Chanse Hollatz; 3. Randy Brands; 4. Tanner Allen; 5. Keegan Wells;

Feature: 1. Dallon Murty; 2. David Brandies; 3. Dustin Vis; 4. Chanse Hollatz; 5. Johnny Spaw; 6. Tanner Allen; 7. Lee Kinsella; 8. Dustin Reeh; 9. Tad Payne; 10. Daron Oberbroeckling; 11. Keegan Wells; 12. Randy Brands; 13. Damon Murty; 14. Justin Kay; 15. Miciah Hidlebaugh; 16. Gage Neal; 17. Aaron Johnson; 18. Jacob Ellithorpe; 19. Austin Kaplan; 20. Jeff Struck Jr.; 21. Rick Schriner; 22. Kaden Reynolds; 23. Jason Bahrs; 24. Dylan Thorton;

IMCA Late Models

Heat #1: 1. Matt Ryan; 2. Bryan Klein; 3. LeRoy Brenner; 4. Mack Mulvany; 5. Brandon Loos;

Heat #2: 1. Fred Remley; 2. Andy Nezworski; 3. Logan Duffy; 4. Anthony Franklin; 5. Colton Leal;

Heat #3: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Chris Lawrence; 3. Chuck Hanna; 4. Joel Callahan; 5. Gary Webb;

Feature: 1. Joel Callahan; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Andy Nezworski; 5. Bryan Klein; 6. Chris Lawrence; 7. Anthony Franklin; 8. Mack Mulvany; 9. Logan Duffy; 10. Colton Leal; 11. Mike Goben; 12. Gary Webb; 13. Doug Burkhead; 14. Michael Leal; 15. Chance Huston; 16. Broderick Prescott; 17. Josh Woodruff; 18. Chuck Hanna; 19. Fred Remley; 20. Brandon Loos; 21. LeRoy Brenner; 22. Nathan Balensiefen; (1-DNS)

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Matt Stein; 2. Charlie Mohr; 3. Spencer Diercks; 4. Tony VonDresky; 5. Rob Dominacki;

Heat #2: 1. Travis Denning; 2. Jake Morris; 3. Derek Thompson; 4. Matt Werner; 5. Jon Coombs;

Heat #3: 1. Chris Zogg; 2. Dustin Smith; 3. Ryan Duhme; 4. Mitch Morris; 5. Jeff Larson;

Semi #1: 1. Mitch Way; 2. Andrew Hamburg; 3. Josh Geigle; 4. Dustin Wilwert; 5. Mike Garland;

Feature: 1. Chris Zogg; 2. Travis Denning; 3. Spencer Diercks; 4. Matt Werner; 5. Charlie Mohr; 6. Mitch Morris; 7. Jeff Larson; 8. Mitch Way; 9. Dustin Wilwert; 10. Andrew Hamburg; 11. Tony VonDresky; 12. Kyle Montgomery; 13. Matt Stein; 14. Derek Thompson; 15. Craig Crawford; 16. Ryan Duhme; 17. Jake Morris; 18. Rob Dominacki; 19. Jon Coombs; 20. Brandon Jewell; 21. Michael Leach; 22. Josh Geigle; 23. Dustin Smith; 24. Mike Garland;

IMCA SportMod

Heat #1: 1. David Engelkens; 2. Justin Veloz; 3. Todd Dykema; 4. Justin Schroeder; 5. Trey Grimm;

Heat #2: 1. Ryan Reed; 2. Ben Chapman; 3. Mitch Strayer; 4. Jarrett Franzen; 5. TJ Patz;

Heat #3: 1. 1. Tony Olson; 2. Logan Veloz; 3. Kevin Goben; 4. Levi Heath; 5. Dakota Cole;

Feature: 1. Ben Chapman; 2. Logan Veloz; 3. Tony Olson; 4. Ryan Reed; 5. Todd Dykema; 6. Jarrett Franzen; 7. Justin Veloz; 8. Kevin Goben; 9. David Engelkens; 10. Justin Schroeder; 11. Levi Heath; 12. Rayce Mullen; 13. Trey Grimm; 14. TJ Patz; 15. Cole Stichter; 16. Jered Staver; 17. Kasey Williams; 18. Rance Powell; 19. Bryan Ritter; 20. Don Hatfield; 21. Dakota Cole; 22. Trey Jacobs; 23. Pat Emerick; 24. John Freeman; 25. Mitch Strayer; 26. Trevor White; 27. Jeff Waterfall; (1-DNS)

Sport Compacts

Heat #1: 1. Cyle Hawkins; 2. Roy Schmidt; 3. Jake Benischek; 4. Dustin Forbes; 5. Jack Fitzgibbon;

Feature: 1. Jake Benischek; 2. Dustin Forbes; 3. Cyle Hawkins; 4. Roy Schmidt; 5. Gary Schlieper; 6. Jason Rhoads; 7. Jack Fitzgibbon; 8. Hunter Pieper; (1-DNS)

Article Credit: Mike McGuire

Submitted By: Derek Collum

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