Lightning-Bolt™  100 AMP Mini-Alternator


Lightning-Bolt™ 100 AMP Mini-Alternator

Ultimate Street/Strip Alternator
80+ Amps @ Idle; 100+ Amp Top End

NOW AVAILABLE! It took a technological breakthrough to develop an alternator that is nearly 40% lighter than a 10SI that kicks out as many amps! The physics defying Lightning Bolt design generates 80+ amps at idle, and over 100 amps at the top end…all this from a 7 lb, 98mm stator size alternator. It is light enough for the drag strip, but puts out the kind of amps that are needed on the street. On top of that, the Lightning-Bolt has its own unique aluminum housing that certainly will spin a head or two. Whether it’s fashion or function you’re after, the Lightning Bolt delivers both.

This is a 12 volt, 1-wire hookup alternator. A V-belt style pulley is included, and various serpentine pulleys are sold separately. This alternator uses the same standard universal mounting configuration as 93mm mini alternators.


  • Mini-Style; 12-Volt
  • Unique Lightning Bolt Case
  • Universal Fitment
  • 100 AMP Internal Fan & 2.7in. V-Belt Pulley
  • 1-Wire Hook-up w/ Internal Regulator
  • Only 7 lbs.
  • Multiple Patented Technologies
  • PROFORM Parts Brand Product
  • Sold Individually

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