Watch the Video: RFX® Wireless Suspension Load Stick


Watch the Video: RFX® Wireless Suspension Load Stick

Determine the exact spring rates needed to get the car into the dynamic ride heights needed to carry maximum speed and momentum through a turn.

This brief video gives an overview of Intercomp’s RFX® Wireless Load Sticks. These are the industry’s first wireless load sticks, allowing force data from multiple corners of a racecar to be displayed using a single indicator.

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Additional Benefits:

  • Cable-free for safer floor space and less chance of physical damage to equipment
  • Three interchangeable bodies to span shock mounting points from 15 to 25.25 inches apart (381-641 mm)
  • Machined from tough, hex-shaped Billet Aluminum and high-quality spherical rod ends with ultra low-friction PTFE inserts for ease of use and a long service life
  • Data from Load Sticks combined with data from scales & other equipment provides a complete picture of chassis setup

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