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Meet Daltyn England

The Advanced Fastening Supply, Badger Midget Auto Racing Association boasts a group of pilots with different racing backgrounds and varied routines outside of racing. While most drivers are busy getting ready for the April 20th, opener at Beaver Dam Raceway, we'll see who can give us a few minutes to break up the winter doldrums for fans.

The first driver to reply, finished fourth in the 2023 Badger point race and is the reigning MARA champion. Springfield, IL driver, Daltyn England, took a few minutes to tell us a little about himself.

Daltyn England
Car Number: 19E
Car Owner: Daltyn England
Team Name: Daltyn England Racing
Sponsors: Anderson Enterprises,
Duane Schemedeke - Country Financial, Mark’s Lawn Care & Landscaping, MWR Technology
Crew: Dad (Mark England), Mom (Lindsey England), & myself.

BMARA: Were you a fan of racing before you got behind the wheel and if so, who were your heroes and what tracks did you attend?

Daltyn: Yes, Tony Stewart & Bryan Clauson. Most central Illinois dirt tracks, Chicagoland & Gateway NASCAR races.

BMARA: Give us a synopsis of your racing career.

Daltyn: I started racing asphalt road course go karts at age 5 with the Route 66 series in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri & Wisconsin. I had a lot of success over a 5 year span, but eventually had to step away in 2011. I finally returned to the racing scene again in 2016, but on dirt racing with the POWRi D2 Series.
After many years of learning and facing many obstacles, I was able to really get on track full time in 2022 and get valuable experience that I had lacked for many years. I won the Lincoln Speedway D2 Midget Track Championship in 2022, and took that momentum into 2023 and was able to win the MARA Championship and finish 4th in Badger standings!

BMARA: How much time do you spend on the car each week during the season?

Daltyn: That typically depends on how many races we have that week. But for a normal week, at least 4 nights a week after work leading up to the weekends races.

BMARA: What is your day job and how does racing fit in?

Daltyn: I work for Flea Ruzic, as many know he's one of the best fabricators in America when it comes to race cars. He also is the owner of Ripper chassis'. Between building nerf bars, repairing race cars, and building new Rippers, racing is pretty much in my life 365 days a year!

BMARA: What's something interesting the fans might not know about you?

Daltyn: I'm a huge sports fan. Some people live and breathe racing, but I love my Green Bay Packers, St. Louis Blues & St. Louis Cardinals just as much! I'd say with what free time I have between work, and racing it's spent following those three teams!

Article Credit: Bill Blumer Jr. with Daltyn England
Photo Credit: Bill Blumer Jr.

Submitted By: William Blumer

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