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Meet RJ Corson

Markham, Illinois driver, RJ Corson has racing in his blood. His dad Rich, was a prolific pavement midget racer before RJ was born. Today, the pair team up to run with the AFS Badger Midget Series.

RJ finished 3rd in points with Badger in 2022 and was 13th in 2023. 2024 was his first run at the Chili Bowl and he took home a D-Main win on his preliminary night and nearly transferred out of the C. He's looking forward to a big 2024 season.

RJ Corson
Car Number:15
Owner: Rich Corson
Team Name: Corson Racing
Sponsors: Mongo Crane
McGowan Motorsports
JZ fab
Guess performance
Moose lodge
Y&D Maintenance
Pat Wilda
Pat DeBose
Wyatt Kraiss
Just Details LLC.
VMS Motorsports
Crew: Dad, Sister, Jill, Blake, Travis

BMARA: Were you a fan of racing before you got behind the wheel and if so, who were your heroes?

Corson: My dad, Rich Corson, is my hero, and always will be. I was in my mom's belly at the races while she was 8 months pregnant. I spent my youth at Grundy County Speedway every Saturday night watching my old man!

BMARA: Give us a synopsis of your racing career:

Corson: I started on the pavement and realized that was just for getting to the track. Corson Racing didn’t do much dirt racing until I stepped behind the wheel.

The highlight of my career was finishing 3rd in Badger points 2 years ago.
It’s something I’ll never forget and all the hard work paid off. I'm still searching for my first Badger feature win and I believe it will happen this year!

BMARA: How much time do you spend on the car each week during the season?

Corson: Usually 10-15 hours, a couple hours each day after work. It’s a part time job, but having success makes it all worth it. Preparation is key and gives you chances to win races.

BMARA: What is your day job and how does racing fit in?

Corson: I'm a carpenter by trade. That makes Mondays hard, after a 2 1/2 ride home on Sunday from The Prairie, but it’s all worth it!

BMARA: What's something interesting the fans might not know about you?

Corson: I spend a lot of time at baseball tournaments with my son. This makes it crazy busy during the summer, but i enjoy it. My daughter also does completive taekwondo. I love supporting them and their passions. They always support me so i enjoy all of it!

Article by: Bill Blumer Jr. and RJ Corson
Photo by: Bill Blumer Jr.

Submitted By: William Blumer

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