World Products Iron Cylinder Heads


World Products Iron Cylinder Heads

World Products Iron Cylinder Heads

The World Products Sportsman was the first true aftermarket performance cylinder head, good for 30-70HP over stock, and emissions legal! The industry’s most popular true high performance cast iron cylinder head, now the Sportsman II, has been continuously improved since its introduction over 25 years ago.

World expanded their line to include several versions of the Small Block Chevy cylinder head as well as Big Block Chevy and Small Block Ford heads, all are cast and machined in the USA.

Small Block Chevy:
World’s S/R cylinder heads are the preferred alternative to expensive OEM castings or junkyard rebuilds. These heads are designed with extra-thick decks and walls for improved reliability as well as equipped with hardened steel exhaust seats that are compatible with today’s unleaded gasolines.

The Sportsman's 200cc intake port offers great throttle response and torque at mid-range rpm for stronger acceleration and performance off the corners. Available with 64cc and 72cc chambers for compatibility with factory chamber sizes. The Sportsman II is specifically designed for maximum performance with flat tappet or hydraulic roller camshafts. It is ideal for dirt track cars, street cars and boats.

Designed for use in racing applications where cast iron heads are mandated or for larger displacement small block street-type engines, World’s 220cc intake MOTOWN heads are the ULTIMATE cast iron SBC head. The innovative chamber design achieves excellent low-lift airflow by un-shrouding the valves, and the multi-angle intake valve seats produce improved fuel atomization for better combustion efficiency.

Big Block Chevy:
The cast iron MERLIN rectangular port design is available with intake ports in 320 and 345cc configurations. Choose the port size that will provide the optimum balance of flow and velocity for your engine combination. The 269cc oval port design provides great low to mid-range power and throttle response for street and racing engines up to 496 cubic inches.

Small Block Ford:
When it comes to high performance replacements for factory cast iron heads, World’s WINDSOR SR. boasting 200cc intake ports, plus 64cc exhausts ports that are substantially larger than OEM Ford heads, suitable for larger displacement and high RPM engines. Add a highly efficient combustion chamber design and larger valves and you have big bolt-on power. World’s WINDSOR JR. has the market covered with 180cc intake runners for a significant upgrade over stock heads.

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