WINNER WINNER at Dillon Motor Speedway 2024 season opener


Alex Reling

WINNER WINNER at Dillon Motor Speedway 2024 season opener

ALEX RELING RACING WINS 2024 season opener at Dillon Motor Speedway!

Sunday, March 24, 2024 was the first 2 races of the season at Dillon Motor Speedway. The first race Alex started 6th and unfortunately with only 3 laps in, got wrecked and backed into the wall. Was able to drive the car back to the pits and was determined to damaged to fix for the second Legend Car race. It would be Alex first DNF. Started to load up the trailer and just wait until we could leave. Alex Mom, who also spots for him, wanted to at least go out for the second race and make laps. Let’s duck tape the back end and send him out and see what happens. The worst he would finish last. Better than a DNS (Did Not Start) for his second race of the 2024 season. Alex Dad said car was “too damaged” to try and fix. A couple of other Legend car Dad’s/crew members came over and said “you need to go out for the second race” and it was because of them, in about 30 minutes, the car was duck taped and fixed as best as we could.
Alex would start last or 17th for the second race. It’s a good thing those other Legend car “Dad’s” came over to Alex Dad and helped get him back out there because if he had not, he would not have WON!!! Coming from last to first!! Alex got the job done and the car held up!! Heck, the damage and all that duck tape might have made his car better! LOL!
This first win of the 2024 season at Dillon Motor Speedway for Alex Reling Racing was priceless! From a DNF in the first race, to loading up ready to go home, not even trying to fix his car for race #2, to “we’re going to go out there and see what happens, make laps, worst case he finishes last” to a WIN!!!!

Running down from the spotters stand to give Alex a great big hug was a moment that Alex & his Mom shared together. Shared some special words and tears of happiness. It’s moments like this, is why Alex Reling and his Mom & Dad do what they do to keep him racing. Moments that you don’t take for granted and you’ll cherish forever! The mother-son bond shared when spotting for Alex. And that few seconds hugging, tears & words that are priceless and only a race Mom understands.
Alex Dad also had tears of happiness & proud of what he just did! The moment shared between Alex &!Mom & Dad is something also he will never forget because in the end, it’s just the 3 of us with ALEX RELING RACING and his #42 Legend car. We are the “team”/“pit crew”/“mechanic” doing it all. It’s just Alex and his Mom & Dad. We have no sponsors, no extra money to really be doing this, but we make it happen and we do it for Alex Reling.
It’s proud moments like this win knowing, Alex can run up front and with the best of the best Legend cars. Knowing if we wreck, like we did in the first race, most likely we’re not racing in the second race because we don’t have the extra parts/pieces to fix anything. Can’t even buy new tires. Knowing Alex has become that kind of driver you look for and knows his parents do everything for him so he can race is why we are so very proud of ALEX RELING RACING and his 42 Legend car!!

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