2024 Sponsors announced for the Season!


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2024 Sponsors announced for the Season!

Over 17 years we have had our sponsors who help us financially put these shows on all over rural America! Some have been with us all of the years also we have some new sponsors even this year. Companies have their products and services to sell to our truck markets so to reach new customers they rely on DIESEL Motorsports to get the message out!

DIESEL Motorsports endorsement is a product guarantee that we have researched the products/services for our trucks and have verified from garages that they will work. We have turned down many companies if their products were not acceptable by many garages. I'm not saying all are perfect because there will be failures but for the mast majority the products are of top quality in our industry.
Many of the national companies will not guarantee products/services if they are used in competition (which is a national standard) so always check with your shop before assuming your build comes with coverage. Most companies I have found are very reasonable regarding their product's quality even when used in competition but some users run to the keyboards and start trashing immediately (this helps no one). Most companies have now disconnected from forums and internet reviews because of false claims which hurts the real claims so another reason that if you read it on the internet it is not true.

The companies that are our sponsors are the highest rated in the industry and we have made sure to communicate with them many times during the year either by calls, email or at industry shows. The companies also attend some of the shows so they can find out directly from you about their products/services. Come to the shows and talk to them about what they have to offer, you will be surprised how much they care!

So since they are making an effort to support our sport please ask for their products/services by name when visiting your local shop or store/online!


ARP Bolts:

Mahle Motorsports:

Mahle Gaskets:


PPE Pacific Performance Engineering:

SPAL Fans:

Auto Meter:


Total Seal Rings:


Alliant Power:

DPF Restoration:



Racing Junk:


Mothers Polish:

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Submitted By: Ron Knoch

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