Can-Am Karts Kicks Off The 2024 Season With A Fresh NEW Look!


Can-Am Speedway Karts

Can-Am Karts Kicks Off The 2024 Season With A Fresh NEW Look!

Competitor Notes for the Season Opener:

As we continuously work to improve our facility please note that the Pit Admission Window is now located at the brown (formerly General Admission) building on your right when entering the speedway. We will have signs guiding you when you arrive. All pit passes and transponder rentals will be available at that window. Please be sure to register your competitor at the driver window! We will also distribute all trophies, payouts, and accept your transponder returns from the same location. This transition has been used on Friday nights for Stock Cars and it has been working very well.

A permanent dual bathhouse will be installed and crews anticipate this project to be completed soon.

SURFACE: New for the 2024 season is a newly revamped surface. The layout of the track has expanded and the entire infield has been brought out 10-13ft. Our mindset is that this will create better racing. Tyler said "I figure it will carry more momentum and speed and less punting to advance". He encourages racers to anticipate pulling 1-2 sets of gear to accommodate the adjustments. For track crews this also eliminates approximately 25% of unnecessary track prep in areas that are not driven on.
STRUCTURE: The former front stretch is now the back stretch. When you enter the track you will be driving up on turn 4. You’ll be greeted by our friendly flagger, Mike, on the flag stand with the white flag. Competitors will come around in order and take the green on the next lap. Drivers will exit the track immediately off turn 3 after the checkered flags. There is no longer a need for a "cool down" lap. Essentially the kart track has been flip flopped.

This Spring the track crews have taken steps to continue making Can-Am Speedway Karts a great facility where our competitors can enjoy local racing opportunities.

It is our goal here at Can-Am Speedway Karts to:

  1. Provide an affordable opportunity for all competitors.
  2. Create an environment for competitors from rookies to veterans to learn and improve their racing IQ.
  3. Offer high quality, competitive dirt karting in the North Country just as we always have since 1992.

When we build excitement for our sport through positive experiences we promote our competitors to become the racers of tomorrow! Over the years we have watched our kart competitors make the transition from the Kart Track to a Stock Car. The current 2024 Limited Sportsman division is exploding with success and most of those drivers started right here at Can-Am Speedway Karts. So gather up your family, friends, and racing enthusiasts and come see the 2024 rookies and veterans on Saturday Night in Lafargeville. General Admission is always FREE!

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